Get monitor to work when laptop lid closed

 Brolover69 -
I've attached an emachine monitor to my HP Pavilion dv5-1002 Notebook. It works, until I close the laptop lid and everything goes black. I've gone into power options and changed the power buttons to do nothing when the lid is closed. I've tried to set up the external display in the windows mobility center.
Why can't I use the monitor with the laptop lid closed? I've


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Go in control panel>power options. on left side of screen there is an option saying " when I close lid of laptop....", you should select "DO NOTHING"... and thats it, problem solved!
Thanks, Sunny, for this very easy fix!
tnx , it was really helpfull . :)
Man that was easy
Thank you this was a HUGE help.
I think I found the answer: What works for me is when I make the monitor the main display and they make sure that the option 'multiple displays' is on 'extend these displays'. Now, when I close the lid, the screen remains on my monitor. Obviously, the options I am talking about are in Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display > Screen Resolution. So when you do all this and close the lid on your laptop, the screen on your monitor goes black for 2 seconds and then remains the way it was.