Mecer expression z140c notebook not powering on

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Hi my name is Dewet
I am having a huge fight with my mecer notebook/mini laptop.I have just about watched every youtube video about testing batteries and hard resetting or factory reseting or even combination of keys to press and hold or in sequence to turn this thing on.

It was working fine and loadshedding. Caused me to use my battery to 0 power and it never came on it shows a red led when i plug the ac ,it also has a greenlight that stays on like its powering on but there is no sound no display or even a ghost images(backlight failure) it seems that the keyboard does also not respond.i have opened the back cover and checked for abnormalities but i just dont find the problem .i just revuse to quit now after many hours and dont want to spend money to fix it i just need help or instructions to test power to the inverter and after,also to check for voltage drop but i do not have any diagram or pinout for this product please help if you have came across simular faults or symptoms thank you.

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Hello Dewet, have you tried taking out he battery and powering up using AC power only (without battery inside)?

With the power light working, it means it could be a hardware problem, and not just the power supply.

You could also try contacting Mecer directly: they should be better equipped to deal with their brand's laptop issues.


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Battery build in