Real player sp downloader [Solved/Closed]

 Sandy -
my name is heaven,i have a problem to download from youtube.i always use real player downloader,but now i cannot download video.when i download,the real player written unable to download.i do not know what the problem.please help me,i have many video to download.

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i had the same problem..if you click on the arrow at the top tight corner of the video, it opens in a new window & you can download it from there
Thank you

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THANK YOU!!! x x x I just thought I would never be able to downlowad again. Great to have you here

Hye heaven,

Please download the latest version of Real player and upgrade it!

Download Real Player here:


Dear Sir,

You should let the video buffer completely before playing it. This will keep you away from the specific trouble that you are experiencing.

Thanks in advance.