RealPlayer free for PC, Mac

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RealTimes, the revamped program once known as RealPlayer, is a software designed to play and share video files. It is also equipped with an option to download videos from popular sharing websites.

Key Features

  • The main functions of the software are to read, store, and share video files on a user's computer. It is able to manage most popular formats, such as DVDs, CDs, or files stored directly on the hard drive.

  • What makes RealTimes special is that it comes with a download option. This allows users to easily retrieve video from any sharing website such as uTorrent, Youtube, and many others.

  • With this option, users only have to connect their mobile phones to their computers and copy the desired files to it. But before that, the software will transform them automatically to match users' individual phone settings.

  • RealTimes also comes with a conversion option, which allows users to change the formats of their videos. Several output formats are proposed by the software, such as Flash, MPEG4, as well as QuickTime.

It requires a fairly powerful machine for certain functions. Several applications need to be installed in advance to launch the application properly.

Other Systems

RealTimes is available to download for Android from the Google Play Store here or for iOS devices from the App Store here.