I can't watch video clips

 Savouge -
my computer can't display video clips as in youTube and many other websites !
and I lately did many changed so that I don't know in which the problem
firstly, I installed the cursed antivirus Norton 360 then it blocked all the vedio clips
then it asked me to update my window Xp but some files failed to be updated
SO, I removed the Norton 360 from my computer BUT till now I can't watch vedio clips
Please any one can help !

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This can be fixed although it may take an hour or so - and you don't need to pay or buy anything!!! This info is for people who don't know about computers.

I'm 52 and only involved with computers for the past 10 years. As time passed I was shelling out brain surgeon fees to "computer experts". So just as I did with cars, I learned some things for myself.

You can't watch a youtube video - the screen says "You either have javascript turned off or your Adobe Flash is too old" or such like. First, go to Tools at top of page, then scroll down to Internet Options, click Security heading and go to Custom Level. In there, scroll down til you come to the section for Active Script. Make sure your setting for running script is Enabled. If this is the problem, you enable it, restart your computer and away you go!

BUT! This info is all over the net when you type in this question. What if your script is already set at Enable and it still won't work? You need to go to Adobe on your computer - remember I'm writing this as a geek for other geeks to understand - click start, your menu appears, go to Programmes contained on your pc, look for all the programmes you have on your computer. There will be a long list of programmes like Internet Explorer, Games, Java, Media Player all in alphabetical order. Go to Java and make sure it is Enabled. If not, then enable it and you are sorted!

BUT! You do this and still can't watch youtube. Go to Abobe and download Flash Player 10. If you do and it looks like you have downloaded it - the page says "you have successfully downloaded Adobe Flash Player 10.0... but you have the same problem - then you must go to your pc Security system, Norton or whatever it is. Click on it til it comes up on your screen. Disable everything. It will warn you you are unprotected etc., but don't worry you're not going to be threatened. Shut it all down, ie change the settings to leave your pc without protection. It will ask "How long do you want to remain unprotected?" Reply "Until I tell you" because you might need some time.

Go to settings and remove the firewall, security inspector and anything that is stopping you from downloading the java or flash you need. THIS IS TEMPORARY BTW DO NOT DISARM IT PERMANENTLY. Once your pc has no protection it will allow the downloads you need through. The pc security thinks it's helping you but all it's doing is causing more problems by blocking what you're rtying to do. In fact, if you look at your security report it will tell you it's blocked Adobe and if you've done it a couple of times it will treat it as an attack. Go to Abobe's page on the web. Now you are going to need to download the programme that lets you UNINSTALL whatever Flash Player you have. Clear it out and then install the up-to-date one. Your machine is confused so clear the system of Flash and put in the new one you download from Adobe's site.

You're home and dry. This takes about an hour in total, but when I did it the first time it took about 10 hours!
Reset your Firewall, blockers and security.
Hope this helps those who don't know too much. Please consider becoming a socialist and lets make the world a better place.
Thank you

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what I did was a bit confusing, but I'll explain what happened, what I think I did, and the outcome.

I have windows 7 64 bit, suddenly after nearly a month of flawless operation, I got glitches with video files and internet explorer wouldn't run. Opera and Firefox WOULD run, but all flash files, such as youtube and various video sites, would not operate, or would cause the browser to crash. Further, all video files on my computer ceased to function. What I did was disable User Account Control, the annoying messages that pop up when you try to use your pc for anything but being an illuminated screen. Just type in User in the search bar, it'll likely be the first thing to pop up "User Account control settings", slide the bar down to "never notify". Then, exit and remove start up items in msconfig (type it in the start window search bar), Theres an option to choose what starts up, etc, alot of programs trying to initialize during boot causes system instability, not to mention consumes lots of memory. Then I ran malwarebytes and deleted everything it found, google malwarebytes, it's the best malware application I have used. Delete EVERYTHING it finds, trust me, it's not like hijackthis with false positives.

After this, I restarted.

When I rebooted, everything ran smoother, but the errors were still there. I have an NVIDIA Geforce 6600, what I did was think "maybe it's the graphics driver". I went to the site (not using windows update, but the nvidia driver site directly) typed in my specs, 64 bit windows 7, and it gave me driver 257. something or other, thats the one you want nvidia users. After that, all problems went away, video games became functional again, and flash videos and video media files returned to full functionality.

Hope this helped.
Thanks barney. Hopefully I won't have to go to the last step! : )
thanks barney
Thank Barney
i have a mac computer and I can't watch any youtube videos.... I keep getting a message that said I don't have the latest version of adobe downloaded... when I download adobe still there is nothing that happpens as far as the video play goes
Yo yo people around the world,
for some reason I cant watch any videos on facebook,youtube, ECT..
or play any games or nothing!,
a sign comes up saying 'an error has occurred please try again later.
i cant seem to solv the problem its gettin on my nervs TBH!.

iff any ov u now how to solv it please add my emial.. thanksyou
I could watch the freaking videos this morning, but now they are all "Green-screen". I have tried everything from restarting my computer to reinstalling all programs related to Mozilla Firefox, still doesn't work.
You must have Mozilla Firefox!!!!!!
But a lot of people do not know, that Mozilla apparently set to dial-up connection, when you install it on your computer, so you have to make a little change in the Mozilla configuration-depending on your internet connection:
dial-up, wireless, dsl or cabel!!!!!!! and do not forget the condition of your computer, CPU and RAM!!!!
More info to help at Darell Norton How to speed up Mozilla blogspot.org
I have the same problem but I have the webroot antivirus.
once I try to watch a video or hear music from any site
it tells me I have the javascript of and that I ned to download the adobe player ?
i downloaded it and it made my internet slower ?
What can I do to fix this problems??????
Hi all actually I have the same problem , the youtube site appears in my internet explorer but the vedio displays just white empty , I know that if this happen we should install flash player ( shock waver ) , but this didn't help in my case any other advice I will be thankful . thank you
I started having the same problem when I installed the 4 months free trial of Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Internet Security. What I did was uninstall all flash player. And then I re-started my PC. I disabled Norton Internet Security and left the Norton Anti-Virus on. I went to YouTube and installed the Adobe Flash Player 10. I don't know what made my YouTube videos play but it worked. There is something in Norton Internet Security that is not allowing the videos to play. I don't know what but I'll find out through some more research, but for now I am able to enjoy YouTube.
i cant video,youtube video clip and flash player
I was experiencing the same issue, I uninstalled the Adobe flashplayer 10 Activex, and the Adobe Flash Player Plugins, and Adobe DLM and re-installed it... Now I am able to Watch vids from YOUTUBE
ive added the adobe flash player and all that but when I go to youtube it still wont let me see or hear music or videos its so strange cuz I installed the flash player like 2 days ago and im freakin pissed at my computer!!!
I dont really know what Im doing or wherever in the world I am right now...
But I have the same freaking problem... Any videos from any sits don't work
at all, it doesn say that I need to install javascript or anything, it's just plain
freaking white, then I try going on adobe, which the supposed to pop up
window doesn't... I don't know what to do, some please help meeeee......
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why dont you install flash player. My internet videos always play when I do
MY laptop can downlaod movies but it's didn't show any of the video but only sounds.
Can anyone please tell me if something wrong with my LAptop ?

IF anyone knows please email me:
Email Id removed for security
I inserted the chip card from my little Sony video camera and don't know how to get it to show the video on my computer? Help please?
it is cuz u aint got adobe flash player and I am fucking mad cuz I cant my grandpa wont let me:(!
I would like to watch seminars on my laptop. Every time the webinar will play for 6 secs. then cut off for 1-2 min., come back on for three words, then gone again. A circular flashing line with time-out numbers inside taunts me. If I wanted to watch a clip that was 30 min. long, I would be watching for 1-1/2 hrs.. I am getting very frustrated and annoyed. I hope that you have a good answer.
Java is very present.
Thanx, Richard
i want to get tips on how to watct videos online
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hey you need to restore back your pc to an earlier time and if you dont have a recovery you need to tell the error code and I will help u
when I download flashplayer 10,0,32,18 an error is occured and I cant restore my pc...the error code is 16248,333,1752.302

please help me as soon as possible!! and reply to my message!!

thank you
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You should install flash player 10.
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I installed Flash Player 10 with no results. Usually I can watch a few seconds of a video then it stops, then starts and stops again. Sometimes below the video it will say 'buffering'. Do you have any other suggestions?
> Deborah
On UTube the video starts then run a few seconds, then stops, ten continues like this. Audio and video have the same problem.
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> Deborah
UTube video starts, run a few seconds, then stops...If I keep starting the video it will advance a few seconds each time. Any body know what s the problem.
hey guys what heppen to me?i cant see videos in youtube but only in youtube what happen..when im pressing to see a video it write to me <An error occurred,plz try again later> and when I try later nothink..again the same problem
Simply switch over to using Mozilla Firefox as your browser and you will be able to watch Youtube videos. Still can't get Internet Explorer to allow viewing of Youtube video and audio together though.
Go to control panel and uninstall or remove adobe flash player..if it is there. Then go to Adobe and download adobe flash player and reinstall it. The same thing just happened to me...so that is what I did and now it is working.

i have same problem later and im using eeePC 4g surf LINUX... and now, can watch movies again.. this is what ive done..
open your synaptic package manager then click on the "installed" on the left panel.
then, try to find 'adobe-flash-payer' and RIGHT click it to "MARK FOR REMOVAL".
when your done, try to look to left panel again and click 'NOT INSTALLED'.
after that, look to the right panel again and search for 'ADOBE-FLASH-PLAYER' and double click it and choose 'FOR INSTALLATION'.
when your done, restart your system or browser then look for some videos if you can watch already... if not, just format your eeePC to factory settings... just save your 'dont want to delete files' before doing that.. or if you dont want to do that, just ask professional linux techs for a real help..
When I watch videos on youtube it keeps saying the internet explorer has stopped working even though it is not so I get really annoyed so if anyone can help please do and thanks if you give me answers to all
hey im not sure if this is the same problem but if I go to a website and I try and open a video through Windows Media Player it just opens a blank window on the internet and says "page cannot be found" or something like that anyone know what I can do??
actually this has nothing to do with Norton, I format pc's on the regular. so I know that if you try to view a video from you tube the problems is that you need to download "adobe flash player", also you may need to also put some drivers back in .. like your Ethernet, video and audio.
hope this helped