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- Dec 20, 2012 at 02:28 AM
I need help to connect my Desktop pc to my laptop, So I can use the wireless internet from my laptop get it on my desktop because it has no wireless card. I have ethernet ports in both
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install internet sharing on the laptop
buy a "crossover" cat-5 cable (this is critical only a crossover cable will allow you to connect two PC's together)

Thank you, xpcman 14

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AnyoneCanBESmarterThanMudasar - Apr 19, 2010 at 10:42 PM
what I think XPCMan was trying to say is that you get a cross overcable connect the laptop to the comptuer, and yes you do need a crossover cable to link them properly (mudasar the crossover cable is needed due to the protocols in effect on PCs) then select to share the wireless over the LAN (using control panel if you have XP, im not sure with vista) by bridging the connections in the connections area..... (you right click the wireless connection and select bridge connections)
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Hey guys I have 2 laptops and only one laptop has the internet connection ,it is a wireless connection ,is it safe to say if I used a Ethernet crossover cable I will be able to use internet on both computers(Both laptops is vista)
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if you wants to do that, only two ways to do that.

1. make a crossover wire

2. buy a switch (only needs RJ 45)
hi! what do you mean by: buy a switch?? you mean if I have rj45(that's all), I can now have the internet conn. to my desktop? and nothing more?? thanks.. :)
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i like connect desktop pc to my laptop for internet and I want see any movement in desktpo pc .
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hai friend ,i can't find the answer for this problem,so please send me the answer for connceting pc with normal nic card to a laptop having wireless lan as,connecting wireless network connection.thqu.
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how many software we can use to share internet in intranetwork and internetwork?
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GET a cross cable i.e network card to connet both system togerther and made both your laptop and the desktop on the same workgroup and share the two of them will connted
It appears that the desktop PC needs two NIC cards or one card with two sockets: one for the incoming DSL internet line and the other for the laptop cross connect cat 5e cable. Please, is this correct?
Regards, JB
Yes This Is Correct I Do This Myself (but it will cost you around $30)
i connected my laptop to the desktop thru a cross cable. The desktop is on network. I put both the computers on a same workgp. But now, on sharing the internet on desktop I get the internet on laptop. but I could not find all the computers on the workgp but only two, laptop and desktop. How can I get access to al computers in wkgp on laptop.
Himanshu Shivnani > nkl - Apr 23, 2009 at 04:25 AM
hey...hw u are able to get the internet access in ur laptop from desktop....i hv a internet connection in my desktop..and want to access it from my laptop...can u tell me...
samHP > Himanshu Shivnani - Feb 6, 2010 at 08:26 AM
I need to have the procedures to connect my laptop to my desktop computer internet. It was connected at one time but for some reason I don't have the connection now. Please e-mail me . thank you
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Dear Friend,
First your modum connect to the Switch or Hub then switch or hut to connect you PC & laptop.......
"Switch or hut" - Mar 23, 2010 at 08:59 AM
"Dear Friend,
First your modum connect to the Switch or Hub then switch or hut to connect you PC then your PC connect to your laptop then your laptop connect to the internetzzzzz then the internetzzzzz connect to the worldzzzzzz then you connect to the worldzzzzz"
Problem solved.
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I brought a laptop the other day , my normal pc has a the wireless connection to the interent from the router , and it has a adaptor in the back of the computer, but I cant seem to get the internet on my laptop. , it says its connected on the wireless staus and good strength but doesnt seem to get the interent on.
check to make sure 'wprk offline' isn't checked in the tools section of your brpwser. If you are using Explorer it is the Tools toolbar to the right on your screen.
AnyoneCanBESmarterThanMudasar - Apr 19, 2010 at 10:44 PM
oh and another thing adding onto fogbottom make sure in the connections tab of the settings you have nothing in the connections box and the lan settings are on "auto discover"
go to the bottom of the screen where the connecton stregnth bars are and hover over it with the mouse for a second and make sure it doesnt say not internet access it does that on my laptop sometimes
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if u want to internet desktop pc as well as laplot so u need to install a wireless card in both
thanks for your information { kandy icbt }
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desk top and lab top both broad band system but different company and different states
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hardware to link laptop and desktop
Aliasgar Babat - Oct 29, 2012 at 06:13 AM
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Use Crossover Cable in order to connect both desktop and laptop together. Also, you can try using various remote support services such as, etc in order to share files, folders etc.
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when I try to connect my pc to laptop for internet I only get a limited connecton
sybol can some one tell me how to fix this ???? and I cant access thre internet
crossover cable (not a standard network cable)
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Hello Friend,
It is very easy, first u put new NIC card to ur PC then MOdum to connect ur PC for 1st NIC card then 2nd step new NIC card to connect Laptop then convert in to bridge mode it will work 100% sure.........
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how can I get internet connection from one laptop to another laptop