Problem connecting certain websites

PaulZero - Feb 4, 2008 at 02:46 AM
 Anonymous - Mar 19, 2013 at 03:54 AM

When I try to access certain websites such as ebay or Facebook they either won't load or load very (very) slowly. whenever the loading process is hanging it says at the bottom of the page "" or "". I have ran multiple virus scanner, tried resetting the router, cleared my temp files, I have experimented with changing the MTU number... that doesnt seem to help. Any idea?


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I fixed this problem by running the Microsoft Malicious software removal tool.

Those DLLs in the System32 folder are the problem. They are always names with a random 8 characters though, so you will never be able to find the exact ones mentioned by others. If you go into the directory and order by date with most recent first, and see lots of these with what looks like random letters (all about 80k or so in size) then this is the problem.

No point deleting them on your own as more will just come back - run the removal tool and that should sort you out.
There are several variant symptoms of this infection. They can come from Vundo or Virtumonde and other relatives.
Some of the main symptoms include:
1. Loss of connectivity to certain websites while others remain unaffected
2. PC slows way down, in some cases on step processors you may find that it has "stepped" down to the battery saving speed
3. Pop up ads start coming up like crazy.
4. Windows update website comes up as a blank white page
5. If you try to search for or download Spybot S&D it hangs
6. It produces random dll files that start up with Windows in msconfig
7. It can keep you from connecting to a wireless network
8. Internet Explorer can lose all the tool bars and menu bars on top

I've had success on several different pcs now by using a variety of methods.
1. Use Disk Cleanup to get rid of all unnecessary files except backup installation files
2. Delete all Temp and Temporary Internet Files (Especially the ones hidden in Local Settings in each Profile)
3. Uninstall all Antivirus and Antispyware programs... ALL OF THEM! (They are obviously corrupted or bogus at this stage of the game)
4. Download, Install and Scan using the "Boot Scan" in "Avast 4 Professional" ( $40 per year, The Free Home version won't let you schedule that scan) You may have to use another pc to download and then install from another media like a flash drive or burned cd
5. Download, Install and Run "Spybot S&D" (Donate $10 bucks for crying out loud!)
6. Set them both for automatic updates and Automatic Scanning at least once a week
7. In msconfig, uncheck dlls that use Rundll32 (They are always random letters and numbers)
8. Redo Delete and Scan steps above as needed since the pc can be reinfected during the process
9. Download and Install all Critical Updates from Windows Update page

This infection is not for the faint of heart. It takes 3 to 6 hours to do this process. If you need basic instructions on any of the steps above, you can find help in many places on the internet.

The key factor here for prevention is to make certain you are using a LEGITIMATE Antivirus and Antispyware program and you keep it updated and scanned on a weekly basis. Don't install the Popups! I like Avast 4 Pro and Spybot S&D in combination. I've been using this tandem for the last 2 years on over 50 pcs. NONE of them have had this infection!

Good Luck!
Maaaaaaaaaaan I think i've made it, as someone said up there just open RUN, msconfig, look in your startup prompt u'll find some several files .rdll.exe all u have to do, go to safe mode delete this file worked fine for me thanx for everyone who helped ;))))
Same problem for me and at least two friends in Stellenbosch. Can't access facebook, bbc news and some yahoo related sites. The pages just keep on loading, but oddly enough if I press 'View Source' I can see the page's fully loaded source code and when I disconnect my network (while the pages say they are still loading) they finally get displayed (although not always correctly).
Jun 22, 2008 at 09:58 AM
This is geting worse. Almost every one I know in the region has been hit!
PixiGirl > FerociousFencer
Jun 22, 2008 at 03:02 PM
Oh lord, so its a whole friggin Cape Town thing now????
Thats astounding! Although I'm kind of glad to hear its not just me.
Just tried the vibe like thrice to no avail & currently trying trojan remover *crosses fingers*.
What really T's me off is that I just bought Kaspersky & its obviously not doing its damn job.
Anyway, lets hope my endeavors work. Please let me know if theres any local solving method etc;)

This virus is off the chain evil.

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Jun 22, 2008 at 03:46 PM
Yes this wsa the WHOLE of Cape Town. It was just on the news. Some servers got hit. Well its magically back up now thank god!
Oh great. However my browser is still acting up albeit a little further down the status bar;)
Also didn't see anything on the news, but hope the "fix" gets to my area soon!
i have same problems. I can't connct to friendster on my computer. but when I try other computers they work! please help me!
I have problem where I can't connect to on the 2 pc's in my apartment. So far only that site I noticed. It was doing it to myspace but after I reset router and modem it worked again. So far nothing has fixed the problem.
well I found this problem on my computer yesterday morning and
spent the last two days examining file after file to find my problem
here's what I did:
1: ran spybot to check for virus
2: pulled up msconfig out of run under the start menu
3: found the .dll start up files that were affecting my computer and made note of the name (dllgfuhkjdl.dll)
4: went to C:WINDOWS\system32
5: changed file extension on virus from .dll to .old
6: rebooted the computer
7: found files again and deleted

and ever since it has worked like a charm!
I love firefox3.0!!
I've tried a few things, like Spybot, MS Malicious Software Removal as well as my normal anti virus s/w (Avira) but still can't get Facebook.

If I look at MSConfig I can't see the dll you mention - which tab is it in? Is it the 'Startup' tab or the 'Services' tab?

I'm running out of ideas and not confident enough to run in safe mode and try stuff like that....

I was using the Maxthon browser so installed Firefox to see if that made a difference but it doesn't. In fact, the Maxthon site is one of the ones I can't get into!

Any last-ditch ideas before I take it to a shop and get charged a fortune?!
Well I've solved my problem so am posting the solution on here in case it works for others...

I took my PC to a shop and he fiddled with it for 3 days and couldn't find anything wrong!

So I took it home and have found out it's a problem with my router. I'm not techinical enough to troubleshoot it but when I swapped my EDIMax router for my old Belkin one the problem went away and I could get into Facebook.

Weirdly, when my son also tried to get into Facebook the problem came back and I had to turn off and on the router and start again. It then went back in again on my PC.

So for the time being we're only using Facebook on my PC to see if that works in the short term.

Hope this helps anyone!
I've solved my problem by using a different router, and now can't be bothered to try anything else, but I was talking to the owner of a PC repair shop and he said that it could be the MUT setting on the modem/router. Things have changed on the internet and they used to be set to 1500 but should now be set to 1454.

Not sure if this'll help anyone but it's worth a try!
Thanks to chivalryx, for message 38 on Friday March 21, 2008 04:41:12 PM - It worked for me - I've been trying to solve this for months, and is safe. For convenience, here is his suggestion - it is worth a try

"For Firefox, give this a try:

Go to the Tools Menu -> Options

Under the Content Tab, click Advanced for Enable Javascript

Uncheck all items and click OK.

Close and restart Firefox.

This seems to have worked for me!"
Thank you . That worked for me. Vista and Firefox.
I FINALLY have ONE solution to this damnest problem! Maybe someone has already given you an answer but since it is such a frustrating problem here is what I did and what my problem was: Shockwave flash object. Once I inactivated this bugger I couldn't view any flashy banners but everything else on the websites were running very smoothly. Every single website that I have former had a problem with runs smoothly. So that's what you might do.
The Swedish words are different from the English but I'll do my best to explain: In IE window click on 1. Tools, then choose 2. Handle applications (or whatever the English words are for it), 3. Activate or inactivate applications. 4. Choose in the scroll-list the applications that at the present are being used and finally 5. Find the Shockwave Flash object and Inactivate it!
It's not the greatest solution but at least it works. Unfortunately you can't view the flash things but so what?
hey guys I also had the same problem , for me its all happen because of my avast virus guard... I just exclude those websites in my virus guard......... problem solved ............ it may help u also guys............
I had the same problem on IE7, Firefox 3 and Opera (last version). I can not connect to ebay, hotmail, google from any of those browsers (by the way Safari was working well), more - upload speed ( ) on those browsers was around 15 kbps - on Safari it was more than 400 kbps.
I found file in C:\windows\System32\ATSEHWLK.DLL, which was running from registry .After deleting this f... DLL everything was solved.
Hello, I had the same problem, even google hanging on search sometime. I downloaded the latest versions of Java and of Adbe Flash and upgraded my IE to IE7 and installed the latest Windows upgrades...and uninstalled Firefox Finally found it is Virtumonde, a Trojan Horse. Spybot S&D was the only antimalware program that found it. It can also delete it BUT...after every computer reboot, Virumonde (Vundo) is back. Apparently one not only has to delete it but clean the dll's. Anyone knows how to do this?
Yes I am having the same problem it was trojan that started it. I have Nortans and it detected it and deleated it but ever since I have not been able to load yahoo,hotmail,myspace,or facebook. But almost all other sites.. I have tried checking and unchecking all the options that people have posted on here and none of them work for me. I have a updated version of firefox and IE. And so far nothing has worked.. Anyone have any other Ideas??
I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM ! and its really bothering me.
i can get to EVERY single site except myspace. it worked before.
but one day I kept hitting refresh. and it kept showing the network timeout.
i tried restarting computer & modem. cleaning out my cookies & history.
&& NOTHING seems to work.. please help :(
The Trojan horse bothering me wasVirtumonde (Vundo). There is a lot written about it already. Spybot S&D can find it and delete it. So, use Spybot to delete it from your system. BUT that is not a permanent solution as the dll's are still in my startup. How to get rid of this Trojan completely?
i am glad I came across this thread and like some other people have tried the suggestions and nothing is working.. I can get into facebook,ebay but cannot get into my bank website, seek, msn and centrelink... strangely frustrating especially not being able to do online banking..
Early today on my Firefox program I tried to load My eBay & it would not load the I looked at this forum I saw some help Updating Java helped My ebay load now I think thats it,I'm not sure if it will work later but one can hope. so try updating Java
This worked for me...
I had exactly the same problem and it drove nuts!
Dis-connected my router re-loaded Firefox, scanned for viruses yada yada yada etc.
I tried everything suggested and nothing worked.
I knew it was something interfering in the start-up so I used
CCleaner, (Crap Cleaner) went to tools selected start-up and there she was!
A dll that a search on Google could not find.
I couldn't delete it till I went into the safe mode.
This some of a Bitch squatter hides in windows\system 32.
It goes by the name of lyljvdgo.dll
There's no description of it in any search engine I tried.
What gave it away, was when my mouse passed over it and it showed the date it was installed.
Right after that date my "Facebook" would not load.
I believe that dll comes from a crack I tried cause right after, Facebook wouldn't load no more.
Like I said, removed it in safe mode and all is well now...
Good luck, I hope I've been of some help...