Problem connecting certain websites

PaulZero - Feb 4, 2008 at 02:46 AM
 Anonymous - Mar 19, 2013 at 03:54 AM

When I try to access certain websites such as ebay or Facebook they either won't load or load very (very) slowly. whenever the loading process is hanging it says at the bottom of the page "" or "". I have ran multiple virus scanner, tried resetting the router, cleared my temp files, I have experimented with changing the MTU number... that doesnt seem to help. Any idea?


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For Firefox, give this a try:
  • Go to the Tools Menu -> Options
  • Under the Content Tab, click Advanced for Enable Javascript
  • Uncheck all items and click OK.
  • Close and restart Firefox.

This seems to have worked for me!
i followed the advice with the: going to tools and clicking options
then going to the contents tab, clicking advanced and unchecking all the boxes
clicking okay and closing the window..

when I reopened mozilla, facebook and everything else worked!!!
and my problem was also something to do either approving or denying one of the registry changes in my spyware I guess anyone could give it a go.. =]
Only sometimes work
Yes it worked for me as well
Start the computer in safemode and delete the suspicious dlls you see in msconfig - this worked for me

Thanks for the advice
this works.. but only delete the recently created dlls not the official ones,, check the dates and take them off in safe mode.. just work your way back from the most recent date ... the ones you need will have the same dates as the rest of the files in the folder from the installation.. anything else has been added later...

mine turned out to be spy ware crap my anti virus missed... facebooks fine now...
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Mar 24, 2008 at 11:10 AM
1. Even after performing RIES, if IE7 fails on single site
2. Uncheck 3rd party browser extension
3. Check in No Add-ons mode
4. Check whether the webpage requires any components like Java or Flash
5. Rename %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts oldhosts
6. Add the website to the trusted sites
7. Enable - Accept cookies and session cookies
8. Start> Run> inetcpl.cpl
9. Choose Privacy Tab
10. Uncheck Block pop-ups & Click on Sites
11. Type the website address - eg:
12. Click on Allow & OK
13. Under Privacy Tab, click on Advanced
14. Check - Override automatic cookie handling
15. Check - Accept for 1st party cookies and 3rd party cookies
16. Check - Always allow session cookies
17. Uninstall all 3rd party pop-up blocker
18. Uncheck Windows pop-up blocker
19. Try User Agent String Utility v2
20. Educate the customer for contacting the website administrator using
Mar 25, 2008 at 10:47 AM
I've had the same problem, it started three days ago after some bogus spyware removal program installed on my computer.... but I just fixed it by doing the same thing the guy above said he did. I restarted in safe mode, and deleted some files I thought were sketchy... personally I knew these files were wrong because I have a habit of scanning my active tasks, and I found the files omoflav.dll and pwnxbdas.dll in my system 32 file and deleted them and unchecked them from my startup. this worked for me, hopefully it might help someone else.

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I have similar problems, but only in Firefox. I will constantly get stuck at or ebay pages, but they seem to work fine in IE7.

I tried stopping Adblock Plus, but that doesn't seem to help. I didn't have this problem a month ago.
I had upgraded to firefox 3.0 on windows XP Home recently on my laptop and all websites connected fine. But I recently upgraded my OS to Windows XP Professional and loaded Firefox 3.0 on the laptop but it won't connect to any sites but IE7 will connect just fine.
I also used the spybot search and destroy tool, and found that I had a "virtumonde.dll" virus. Deleted it and now no more problems. However here's where I need some more assistance. The spybot also claimed that other dll's were infected. To be specific they were:

Everytime I startup windows it gives me an error message saying "couldn't run **.dll". I've looked online at .dll download sites and am unable to find these particular dll's. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Apr 8, 2008 at 02:56 PM
To those encountering this problem....Run Spybot S&D:

I experienced the very same problem as many have here and sure enough it was the virtumonde virus (initially blocked by NOD32, undetected in Spyware Doctor, two incidents detected in AVG free but fully (5 "problems") detected and irradicated using spybot search and destroy!!!). Many thanks to those who pointed out using SpyBot S&D as I thought I had removed the virus when I "cleaned" the system after being "healed" by AVG.

I have spent the past week installing and uninstalling and repair installing Internet Explorer, and then installing FireFox as I thought the aftermath of virtumonde had screwed-up my internet connection/ IE files . I now know it was virtumonde on my system all along! jees!!!

In direct response to... "Everytime i startup windows it gives me an error message saying "couldn't run **.dll". I've looked online at .dll download sites and am unable to find these particular dll's. Any help would be much appreciated."

I exprerienced this when I rebooted pc after SpyBot S&D had done its magic.

My virtumonde virus (located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\qehwfdma.dll) was shown in the startup as "rundll32qehwfdma.exe"
I could see it using the "System Configuration Utility" which can be accessed by clicking on start>Run... type "msconfig", then click on tab to extreme right "startup".

I unchecked the tickbox pertaining to "rundll32qehwfdma.exe" (removed it from start-up sequence), clicked "apply" Button and then rebooted....sorted.
I did the .dll deletion as well and finally got positive results. I was nervous as first but when I went into the sys32 folder and sorted by date, there were new .dlls created right about the time when I started having issues. Removed these and ensured they were gone from the msconfig startup files and all is back to normal. YAY!
H All,

I solved the problem by deleting all the files from my temp dir.

c:\Documents and Settings\Eigenaar\Local Settings\Temp

There was an exe file I had to kill using taskmanager and then it worked.
Here is the solution:
Hi! Had the same problems and it drove me mad..until I changed the TCP/IP settings in the Local connection properties. Instead of letting the system obtain DNS adress automatically, I entered as preferred server, as alternate. Then restarted computer and router, everything ok.
PS: when using Bitdefender 2009, you have to turn game mode on to access certain pages such as eBay..
OMG. I can't believe change my DNS address will really worked for me. I changed it and I can open all websites. I restart my computer and it still works. Thank you very much :D
There will be some program loading that is causing an issue.

Try starting up your computer as normal and get up the Windows Task Manager (by pressing ctrl, alt and del) and see what programs your system loads up from the start....

There will be a program loading up (that it shouldnt) that is causing a problem.. And it will probably be located in System32 folder...
I think this is related to RunDll32.exe - does this appear in the process list of anybody else that's having a problem? I'm not sure it should.

Also, if I go to Windows/System32 directory, there are a multitude of files in there all around 90k ish in size with random file names (.dll). Looks odd and think this could be a virus/spyware problem. Anyone else seeing this?
John > Geedubyer
Mar 13, 2008 at 07:41 PM
Yes I have that also
Koger > Geedubyer
Jun 17, 2008 at 01:13 PM
Yes, I have the same problem: rundll32.exe - random dlls at startup, and could not connect to a certain website (unfortunately Google) I got as far as deleting all the lately created Dlls (circa 90 kb) from windows\system32
Hey I'm having the same problem opening sites on the net. This may sound silly, but how do I access the Wondows/System32 folder?

Well... I'm not saying this will work for everyone, but it worked for me..

I noticed in msconfig that the system was opening a file called ifedtsco, and no matter what I did, it always opened it.. No idea what this file is.... So,

I loaded up my comp in safe mode and deleted it from where it was located... in Windows/System32 folder.. There was also some other files there with similar names... I deleted them all...

Loaded up my computer in normal mode, and ever since its been fine connecting to EVERY website.. I was so happy I'd finally sorted the problem.

I dont know what this ifedtsco file is.. ive google it and everything.., but obviously it was causing an issue somewhere..

I just hope something similar works for you guys..

I strongly suggest you open msconfig and see what you computer is loading on startup.

Any advice on what this ifedtsco file would help as it might help me avoid coming across it in the future!!


I have been having this problem on "Waiting for static.ak.facebook...." when connecting to certain router always and I've tried re-connecting to another network's router and the problem seem to have disappeared.
Going back to trying ro fix this problem, I have tried all the above methods posted and none of above seem to work for me .....
Finally I found the solution by running flushing the DNS Server .... You can try to do this by ipconfig /flushdns ......or by ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew ......If all this still does not bear results, you may have fixed the DNS server addressess (could have been set to "Use the following DNS Sever addressess" ) and you may need to reconfigure this by setting to obtain DNS Server address automatically from the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) settings in your local network connection settings.... It worked for me!
You need to leave Javascript enabled (Checkbox checked), but disable all the advanced functions. See if it works.
I had the same issue and solved it today.
Check if you have the file dksfgepw.dll in the directory C:\windows\system32. If so, boot your computer from an alternative device like a BART PE- CD (Windows XP on CD) and delete it.

You can find also a registry entry in, which starts the DLL via rundll32.exe. Once started, you will not be able to remove the registry entry and you cannot delete the DLL. I think the DLL is part of a malware scanner.
So... Finally..
can anyone tell me.. what should I be doing.. ? update Java? or what else.. it's quite saddening that Mozilla has not came up with any much updates to prevent these loading problems. anyone.. hit me back.


I had the problem loading the Facebook Homepage in Firefox (but Internet Explorer worked just fine). After trying some of the previous suggestions to no avail, I went and manually deleted the FF cookies for
This immediately fixed the problem, and not only that, the facebook pages loaded quicker than they ever have.

Also, please do not delete any .dll files, system32 files, or system startup processes unless you really know what you're doing. This can cause major problems. Always perform a system backup or manually save copies of system files before you try deleting them.
i didnt have this problem until I updated to java update 5 so I uninstalled it and everything is working fine now
I've been having some pretty serious connection problems to facebook as well on Firefox and IE7 for the last few days. Probably about 50% of the time will get "The connection has timed out" or "The page cannot be displayed". No other pages I normally visit have exhibited the problem.

I've attempted several of the recommended solutions in here such as deleting everything under:
C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\ also running spyware tools etc, all to no avail.

I also downloaded the latest Flash and Java SE but they've had no noticeable impact. I regularly use my computer on 3 different networks (my home network and 2 separate office networks) and I still get the same problems. As far as I know, other people in my region (Sweden) are not experiencing the same problems with the frequency I am but I'll test that more next week when I have another computer to work with.

I've had no significant configuration changes on my computer either. I've not installed nor uninstalled anything recently until today with Flash and Java.

Are any other people still having this problem, because it's certainly not solved for me.
Still having it. :(
Spybot Search and Destroy worked for me also. I almost cried tears of joy because it was getting really frustrating, especially since I don't anything about complex computers issues. Now, Amazon and eBay work like they're supposed to.
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Apr 19, 2008 at 02:32 PM
Hi Paul,

maybe it is due to your connection! It happened to me once and it was because of my connection.. OR maybe it is because they temporarily blocked the access to certain areas? Due to maintenance? Maybe it is because of that..

I hope it helped you! C you!!