Is it possible to change your IP address?

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Recently I had a person at school hack the network laptops and found my IP address. Unfourtunatly he direct-connected to my computer and had a little fun with my system. So far nothing's too corrupt as far a Windows files and whatnot but I still would like to change the IP if possible. If anyone could help me that would be great. Thank You!

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Its very simple to change your IP adress. First, open up your notepad. On the first line put "ipconfig". On the second like put "ipconfig/release" and on the third line put "ipconfig/renew". Then save it as "ip_renewer.bat". Once you've done all of this simply open "ip_renewer.bat" and it will renew your IP adress.
it didnt work, on the site it doesnt change(myip)
It will work but it changes locally only
Use IP Changer it's a free program for windows to change your ip