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PaulZero - Feb 4, 2008 at 02:46 AM
 Anonymous - Mar 19, 2013 at 03:54 AM

When I try to access certain websites such as ebay or Facebook they either won't load or load very (very) slowly. whenever the loading process is hanging it says at the bottom of the page "" or "". I have ran multiple virus scanner, tried resetting the router, cleared my temp files, I have experimented with changing the MTU number... that doesnt seem to help. Any idea?


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Back to normal and all's working just fine!
This like I said drove me nuts and took a lot of patients and a few beers..
You'll notice with this problem that some other programs like Google start up a lot slower
and might even hang-up after a few searches.
That is a pretty good indicator that you're infected. ( I don't mean with crabs!)
When you use CCleaner (Crap Cleaner and go to Tools, Start-up, you will see
what dll's and things that actually are part of the start-up process.
Punch the name of the dll into a search engine and if it come back with no results,
chances are you've found the sucker that;'s causing your problem..
These type of dll's don't show up as a virus even with a deep virus scan or with any other
add-ware or spy-ware programs.
Re-loading Windows won't help, but using a baseball bat on that dll's creator should have the
pleasing effect and cure we're all after...
My bat awaits the creator of these type of dll's.
My son said he hadn't been able to get onto myspace for a while (doesn't connect) and I had noticed not being able to connect to a couple of sites (can't remember names). He couldn't get onto myspace from any of our three computers, all running different browsers/operating systems. Problems with the host file and/or internet settings on all three computers wouldn't make sense so I rebooted the DSL box and everything is fine.
I have the same problem as someone mentioned earlier....for facebook, gmail, searching google, yahoo and many other sites. it just says waiting for ........ and it never loads. I am running spybot right now I tried everything I possibly could, but if the spybot doesnt work I have no idea what to do!!!! someone please help how do I manually clean up .dll's
Get this program


It removes everything you don't need for internet files.

you don't need to install it, just add it to your desktop and open it

Use the program to remove everything! except saved password (for both Main and FireFox/Opera)

If this doesn't solve the problem, you will need to use a new browser.
hi................ u r side problem not a computer slow...............and check this all side

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Hey Paul and to everyone else having this problem.

I am not using the pc anymore, I am using a laptop now.
One thing I noticed before moving on to a laptop.

This thing is caused by adware/malware cookie. Its done through your cookies by all these advertisers and it infects your browser.

Because I noticed, if you go to a website such as, there is a small box made of flash for displaying microsoft's advert, now that cookie virus/advert virus will take over the box and advertise it's own advert. This applies to every other website that have their own box for displaying adverts instead that virus will take over that box and display it's own third party advert. You can immediately tell by the border overlaying and if you visit site such as it will display adult advert which is stupid:/

I said to h-ll with FireFox and I went back and installed maxthon. Everything ran FINE! No white pages when loading facebook and rest of the sites and no fake adverts! I noticed that, that virus must have infected my IE and FireFox.

I went to a forum and found a solution, its this program called ATF-Cleaner. I give proper ratings to the guy that made this software named Atribune. You don't have to install ANYTHING!, its an .exe extension file, just add it to your desktop and it works. What it does is: it completely removes all unnecessary files from your History, Prefetct, Windows Temp, Java Cache, Cookies etc. Basically it removes all internet files you do not need.
You have the option to tick the boxes so if you don't want to remove files in your Temp Internet Files, just untick and tick the rest you need to be removed.

I have tried many times to remove the cookie virus that kept advertising on websites, because I found where the location is. Everytime I remove the cookie, it instantly comes back!
When I used this software, it completely removed everything for me! It even saved me 1gb space! Meaning I browsed so much websites it took 1gb space.
Also the program will help remove unused internet files for FireFox and Opera!

I am sure this program will help you solve the problem!
Because the problem is a virus hiding somewhere and it infects your browser and displays wrong adverts on certain websites.

The program is called ATF-Cleaner
Or search it on google
Hey xino,
I have tried this ATF-Cleaner but still, I cannot get to certain sites on Firefox. Any other suggestions?
sorry to hear it didn't work

Uninstall FireFox
after unistalling, search for every Firefox related files and folder and delete them all!
The virus must have corupted Firefox or is hiding somewhere.
C Drive>Documents and Settings>"profile">Local Settings>Application Data
and delete Mozilla folder, if you use Mozilla email apart from FireFox, look in the folder and delete firefox folder alone, if you only use mozilla firefox, just the delete the whole mozilla folder.

Delete every avialble firefox files and folder.

When done.
Reinstall FireFox

If you still have the same problem, I have no other ideas.
what you must do is download another broswer:/
Opera or Maxthon, I like the new Maxthon. Its pretty good, you can have your own profile, it works like FireFox, the only problem is, you can add websites to the tabs like so in FireFox:/
It's due to a virus or spyware or something! I realised I had the virus that did this but just couldnt get rid of it! and I can click on links in websites but cant go on any other sites at all, it just didnt connect! and its basically alot of randomly named files like sxun4ins, etc etc.
DELETE EM ALL!!! lol safe mode (Y)
I would like to suggest a couple of possible causes of this phenomenon. Please pardon the long-winded response. I hope I'm not significantly rehashing other responses.

I've been fighting with sites that load slowly or time out entirely for months. I first noticed it with eBay and PayPal in February 2008. As near as I can tell, something changed in the way these sites were served/hosted around that time. I tried to get them to investigate it, but they said it must be just me. After much investigation, I discovered it was an issue with my firewall, or more accurately, with the systematic bombardment of my firewall: for every static file downloaded from Akamai - a major hosting service - an attempt is made to breach the firewall. The intent of this, as far as I can tell, is a load-balancing measure; in an effort to see which server responds fastest, it wil send a packet of data to the user's computer from each of it's servers and see which one bounces back quickest. The trouble is, with a firewall, the packet doesn't bounce - it sticks, intercepted by the firewall - and when nothing comes back, Akamai will continuously make attempt after attempt instead of simply choosing a server at random (or by some other criteria). Norton Personal Firewall views these as "suspicious activity" and won't let them through, nor will it dignify them with a response. Presumably other firewalls will react similarly. The end result: any site with Akamai hosting (eBay, PayPal, YouTube, HomeDepot, and the list goes on) will either load REALLY slowly (if only part of the static content eg images, secure content, etc. is hosted over multiple servers by Akamai) or time out entirely (if the whole site is hosted this way) as Akamai makes hundered if not thousands of attempts to breach the firewall for a single page download. As examples, using my high-speed connection, an eBay login takes over 25 minutes, PayPal login is virually impossible (because the login times out before I can reach the next screen), and YouTube videos never load.

It should be possible to make adjustments to the firewall to compensate. The sad fact is, the behaviour is unpredictable from a firewall perspective, making the adjustments nearly impossible, not to mention ill-advised. Since the bombardment rotates through sequential ports, all of them outside of the regularly used range, there is no way to open a specific port to them. You could create a gap in the firewall for all Akamai IP addresses, but that's a pretty big vulnerability, and (as I have discovered) not entirely effective. If you're really desparate, you can always drop the firewall momentarily and make an attempt, raising it again as soon as possible, but given the amount of spyware out there, you might as well dump the firewall entirely and open yourself up to invasion!

I'm still investigating to see if I can find a better client-side solution. The only true permanent solution I can see to the problem is to pressure Akamai to change the way they do server load balancing. If they just used a standard ping, and did it ONCE PER SERVER, imagine how much faster things would run. Even if they could write a subroutine to handle lack of response (eg: just pick the least active server, regardless of distance), then things would run far more smoothly.

And this is only one potential explanation of the problem. Another issue could be your service provider. Several are intentionally slowing down internet activity to services they view as competitors. This approach is being used by Bell, Comcast, and others. This is a grey area with regards to legality, and is under review by the CRTC in Canada (not sure where this stands in the US or elsewhere). Until the legality of this scheme is decided, be prepared to face internet bottlenecks as a result. If this is the cause of your problem, I can only encourage you to petition your service provider and any relevant legislative body for change.

Good luck,

hi guys have had the same problems with trying to connect to facebook ,what worked for me was updating my java to the latest version and my facebook loaded straight away.
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Aug 31, 2008 at 01:09 AM
same problems as everyone else if I try to access I tunes update champs websites just random sites dont work and it seems to be any javascript site idk someone please

im kind of a beginer at comps and dont know how to run in safe mode can anyone help me out with that?

this has been driving me insane anyone crack this please leg me know if not to much trouble in a step by step of how to fix it.

it seems like but cant narrow it down to vuze everytime I dl it it seems to be the problem I removed it but it still dosent work and I cant get it back because I cant go on the site to get it.

tryed multiple registry cleaners virus scanners nothing works im stumped...
wow, I had this problem on a friends computer that I was trying to fix for him. I pulled off hundreds of virus/trojans/etc. with avg. still finding more 'pop up cookies' on every scan.. but I couldnt access several popular sites using any browser on his computer. facebook, myspace, ebay, hotmail.. to name a few. the bar would load half-way and hang. I loaded up the msconfig and found the 2 identical .dll processes running, disabled them, and rebooted.. worked fine, went in and deleted the dll files out of the system32 folder they said they were located in, (i forget what the file was called.. something like 'pqtxcm.dll'. I'd a never figured it out without some of the advice in here. thanks to those who helped, yet to lazy to go back and look to mention names. sorry!
Eddie thanks. In my case it was F0464b44 (rundll32.exe "C:\WINDOWS\system32\bisvbiqs.dll",b) and BMf37578d8 (Rundll32.exe "C:\WINDOWS\system32\evngwrbq.dll",s). After I've remove them from the registry it's create alike item. So kill Rundll32.exe process first.
I had this problem for two days now, I fixed it by going to Control Panel / Network Connections / Wireless Network connections /

Click Properties:
Scroll down to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) click Properties
I ticked Obtain an IP address automatically as well as Obtain Dns Server address automatically.
Dear All
I had the same problem and I fixed it just using the WInsock XP Fix utility. This is great rescue utility.
Dear All
I had the same problem and I fixed it just using the WInsock XP Fix utility. This is great rescue utility. here is link to download:

Best Regards
i had the same problem for hours and I was getting so upset. then I decided to look at my peer guardian and it was blocking http! so if you have peer guardian 2, open it and make sure that it is not blocking http. I feel like a complete idiot now lol
I've had this problem for a while but I never figured out how to get around it. Now currently I'm running firefox 3.0.3. Last night I went to tools->options->privacy->exceptions. Then I put in and hit block. Now ebay doesn't hang on me. Anyone know what this cookie does for
i have the same thing help me
not sure if this is it but I removed java runtime completely and seems to be working so far. also increased size of cache and always clear it on closing. was my trouble hope it keeps working. mea culpa maxima mea culpa
I had the same problem, did most everything suggested here - Spybot found several viruses / trojans. I took the machine to a friends house to have him help me with it and amazingly, I connected to the sites I could not get to (google, gmail, facebook) right away from his location. He has a cox internet connection with a download speed of 25 mbps. I tested my download speed from his location and it was horrible - about 250 kbps. He came up with the idea that the virus may have corrupted my network interface card driver. I have a broadcom nic, so I went to broadcom and downloaded a more recent version of the driver. Installed it and was able to connect right away all the sites I could not get to before.
Have you looked at your "host" file found in your "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc" directory to see if you are being excluded from going to these sites. It will list the sites and have some kind of exclusion term in the line.
I'm having the same problem as you but only AVG's website on only one laptop pc. I happen after I down graded from XP SP3 which was giving me speed problems on Win XP. If you look into the "host" file you just have to put a "#" in front of the line of text to REM out the line. If you don't see the sites affected in the file then this isn't your problem. But if you recently like me did a down grade from XP SP3 to SP2 on say for ex. a HP OEM build of XP then I would like to know. Thanks

YES!!at last after about a week I finally got rid of the probs...
after doing everything...spybot,ccleaner,temp folder,dlls....
the real savior was the winsockxpfix....
it works great...thanks...