Someone created a profile using my name,photo

 sez -
please help me. Somebody created a fake account on facebook , using my name and insults.
this is really embarassing and i am having lots of problems, they even put my photo on the profile even though my profile is limited. Please help me, the fake account is under the name of '' Lorna Putin Capitalist'', please help me out and consider my request. please.

thank you. i hope that actions will be taken against the one who have done this.

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Hi there,

You must contact facebook and report the issue:


i know how u feel it got done to me but i no who did d fake one of myn it was my x's best m8 n den my x hacked myn n der bein bitchy 2 all my friends n facebook wont do nout about it they just send it round in circles so i guess all u can do sweet is sit bk n ignore it if u dnt rise 2 it they will get bored