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I've been dealing with my CRAZY brother (who can't put his big boy pants on). He happens to be my ex-employer. He has been trying to destroy my life for 10 years now and has infiltrated friends and potential girl-friends. It has gotten so bad that has traversed several employers who will simply protect themselves and kick me to the side.

He has lawers, pi's, etc........My computer isn't safe, my phone records, everything. Changing passwords and the such have done nothing. Even my medical records have been comprimised (without subpeona). My bank accounts viewed, credit rating changed, mortgage applications influenced, blah, blah, blah.

Does anyone have any good advice to stop them. I've been threatened with death from my current employers agent if I bring the state or feds into it because they arent exactly legaly abiding either.

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Dear Jon,

Please consider filing a legal case against him if ever he has made an intrusion in your personal database or account and hence let the procedures get to him and hence get the problem fixed.

Thank you.