The most common monk names in WoW

The most common monk names in WoW

If you are a big fan of World of Warcraft, you probably had a chance to choose a name for your monk already. In this article, you will find out what are the most popular monk names in WoW.

What are the most popular names in World of Warcraft?

Authors of GuildOx have analyzed a huge amount of data to find out what are the most popular monk names in World of Warcraft, and here they are:

  • Brewslee/Brewzlee

  • Pandamonium
  • Kegroll
  • Jetchi
  • Bambooze
  • Monk
  • Daftmonk
  • Shenzu
  • Brewswillis
  • Brewtality

Other top finalists would be: Pwnda, Brewmanchu, Acupuncher, Pokemonk, Pandawan, and Woknroll.

If you struggle to select a name for your monk, use your imagination or get some help from specific name generator websites, such as thestoryhack or Codex Domina.

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