I want to grab files from my crashed HD. how?

Aaron - Oct 3, 2008 at 12:39 AM
 Ace man - Feb 16, 2009 at 11:11 AM
my old hard drive crashed so i got a new one replaced it and now i'm fresh with windows re-installed and such now i want to get some files off the old hard drive. i've installed it into my tower and now anytime i try to open what i assume is the hard drive (f:) it tells me i need to format the drive. i know for a fact theres about 100g worth of information on there so what should i do? is there a program i can use to get files off the hard drive? or am i stuck?

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If setting it to slave fails,
try buying a IDE 2 USB converter.

basically what this does is, instead of plugging it into your motherboard via IDE cable.
this acts like a giant removable disk, which should hopefully let you access your documents.

if it still asks you to format it,
then you have no other alternative than to format it.

Tbf with you, id have saved the money, formatted my HD, created a partition, then start again. :]
the partition is to keep files i want backing up, preferably drivers.
My secondary hard drive came up that error message and I almost had a stroke since i kep all 12,000 pics on it but i was able to recover everything with easy recovery proffesional without any problems i created a folder for the files checked everything i need and like a miracle of a the virgin mary i just watched all my files being transfered into my main drive i highly recommend the program

Dear Aron my friend

Take this since you are saying that you got a new hard drive you can make that new one a Master and connect another one as slave the system is going to read two drives and copy your files from hard drive number two and paste them inside hard drive number one remember that hard drive number two can be crushed or corrupted by a virus you need to have an updated anti-virus, basically you need to scan drive number two before you can open it so that you wont have the same problem of crushing the first one
i have updated antivirus software and i always have had it on my system, i have the old hard drive set to slave but still get the same thing. that i need to format that drive before i can access it.