Laptop problem

wonder - Oct 3, 2008 at 05:00 AM
 Owen lethabo - Oct 3, 2008 at 05:16 AM

I am experiencing a fatal problem with my laptop, I must say that it acquired different viruses and I was trying to install a new antivirus. What happened after installing it is that my battery went dead and it switch itself off before I restarted it. Now when I put it in it gives me an option to log on with my password. After doing that it will give me a screen with the wallpaper and then it does nothing after then.
I am very much concerned, Please tell me what to do because i have lots of documents within it

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dear wonder

I don't know were did you get that unti-virus but i think you got it from your friend or from internet remember you have to be
careful when you take programs,music and other thing from internet or a person nowadays we are living in the world of computer viruses, let me tell you a secret do you know that millions of webside world wide are infected because of a viruses, but i dont blame you, because you don't know so here is a solution remove that unti-virus if it is possible to do so and buy
a new one,if not the only way is to format the whole drive