Compaq laptop not booting

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my compaq notebook (cq45 112 au) not booting , also no display, after the power on harddisk led not blink even for a single occurrence , after a few secods the capslock led and numlock led are turns into blinking state . other than the above mentioned problems there is no symptoms to detect (fan is working / no beep sounds/no display-i think no power to screen). Also I failed in booting from a bootable dvd.

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ur laptop is not booting means try it with Rescue Boot CD. it will delete the virus in startup which is not allowing u to boot. after that Rescue boot CD keep normal boot cd and start booting. once try this u may solve ur problem. Avira Rescue Boot CD is good try with this ok. u will get this software full version at download it for free only......
thanks for your reply, actually i could not boot from a cd/dvd, i mentioned it in the question.
The actual problem was in the motherboard, in the hp customer support centre they remove harddisk, cd drive like peripherals an on the machine but still no result, fortunately my machine was in warrenty period and they replace the motherboard