Microsoft Word icon changed to unknown program

SV - Updated on Aug 16, 2017 at 07:46 AM
 wmclaxton - Dec 6, 2019 at 10:23 AM

Recently my microsoft word (program) icon changed from the classic picture to the unknown programs icon. I wanted to know how to get the real icon back. My icons for everything else (such as Microsoft Excel) on the desktop still displa properly. When I click on the Microsoft Word unknown programs icon, it sill opens to a normal new document scree, so this is no problem.

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Go to microsoft office / microsoft office tools / microsoft office picture manager / help detect and repair / check restore my shortcuts while repairing.

This should restore all the microsoft office shortcuts and icons
I 100% agree with TYGR22 and his/her solution is THE BEST known solution to this LOST MICROSOFT OFFICE ICONS (LMOI) problem.
Brilliant and thanks very much! Worked like a charm and restored the blank Word icons.
That worked like a breeze... Thanks.
Perfect instructions!!!!
thank you so really worked
I went to control panel under program and program features and right clicked the Microsoft office icon. Clicked on the change button then clicked repair programs.
So I rooted around and found a fix. I'm still not sure why this happened. But I right clicked on just one of the MS Word document icons on my desktop (it was a shortcut to a document I've been working on), selected "Open With..." then "Microsoft Word." The document opened (which was not the problem) and the MS icons (even Excel and PPT) are restored.