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Trecy Bee - Oct 8, 2008 at 03:49 AM
 premanth - Jan 12, 2009 at 11:15 PM

big big problem. need help urgently. Last night i put in a flash disk and scanned it with Avast home basic, avast told me it found one virus which it deleted then i opened files on the flash only to get these messages telling infected with Win 32 Tenga virus which i deleted, then they kept on popping up again saying everything was infected,every programmed installed on the comp, it tells me memory infected, i switch off the comp then restart it again on safe mode, i chose an earlier date and it restarts on its own but when i try to log on to a limited user account it opens to a blank screen with wallpaper then logs off without my prompting, i try again to open to the administrator's account which is password protected, it also opens to a blank wallpaper screen. What i would helped with how can i get everything back to normal. I have important files as well as stuff how do i save these things from getting deleted. PLEASE HELP!!!! I'm not tech savy any simple suggestions welcomed. Thank You

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hi sir,

i am facing some in windows xp pro,so many place i am facing in when we booting the computer windows logo after that blank screen only on icons and rightclick and leftclick not working, please help me i want the slolution sir
The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to always update your anti-virus, because anti-viruses like Avast a very weak if you don't update them, so it is best to update them in time so that they can always to their job,i am pretty sure that your memory stick was having a virus that your anti-virus didn't see, this is not a miracle the only fact is that your anti-virus is not updated, so the best thing to do is to reinstall the operating system before you can use your OS try to install an anti-virus that is updated .