Laptop screen only glows black--sometimes--ot

jimbob - Mar 17, 2010 at 05:37 PM
 Blocked Profile - Mar 18, 2010 at 05:57 PM
My Toshiba Satellite A105 has the same problem as many others in this forum. However, mine is intermittent--sometimes when I close the lid to hibernate, when I reopen it all I get is a glowing black screen. Other times it starts back up fine. When it doesn't, I shut it down manually and restart. Sometimes I have to do that several times.

There was a solution, #14, posted by Brian L. Sep. 3, 2009 that worked for lots of folks. But I'm stuck at his step #6-- Go to Control Panel-> Power Options ->Under Balanced choose change plan settings. On my computer when I'm at Power Options, there is no "Balanced". Nor do I know how to get to where I can reset the processor power management from 5% to 100%. Will appreciate help.

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Mar 18, 2010 at 05:57 PM
Dear Sir,

The problem should be coming to from the cable connected for the display. Please check whether the cable is not damaged. If the problem is not coming from it, please check whether you need to update your graphic's card driver in the Device Manager.

Thanks in advance.