Dell d505 wont boot up

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hi i have a dell d505 that wont boot up, i bought it second hend a few weeks ago and its been working fine,now when i turn it on it says 'a disk read error has occured press ctrl+alt+delete to restart' when i press these it goes back to the dell screen which gives me the option to enter setup or boot menu, then after a few seconds it goes back to pressctrl+alt+delete, it will let me enter the setup or boot menu no bother, i just dont know muck about laptops, is there anything i can do myself, its windows xp home, also i entered the boot menu and went to diagmostics the first few things pass but when it gets to --start dst short test-- it comes up fail error code 1000-0146. then says 'no diagnostics utility partition found, to run diagnostics insert your dell drivers and utilities cd to boot from cd' i have no cd. what do i do

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Hi Sir,

This means the Windows system files are damaged or corrupted,

I will advise you to repair Windows files!

To do this simply use this tip: