Windows 7 not installing network printers

Dr. Dave - Mar 29, 2010 at 01:32 AM
 Dr. Dave - Mar 29, 2010 at 11:37 AM
I have 2 printers on an XP machine set up to network the printers. I have some new machines running Windows 7, and they can't see the other networked computers. It's not even consistent, bec I got the laptop running Win 7 to see the XP machine, but no matter how I seemed to go about it, it would not load the printers bec it couldn't find an INF file, even though I'd downloaded a driver (tried several drivers actually). Now, the desktop Win 7 machine (for which I was able to install one of the printers a month ago), can't see any of the other XP machines, and can't find the printers to add the new printer (but it can print to the installed printer even though it can't see that computer on the network). The XP machines can see the Win 7 machine, but not the other way around...

It's a Comcast copnnection, so Norton 360 is provided and installed on the machines. I did install a new Netgear N wireless router yesterday with an 8 Port switch attached, and this is where I'm at today. The XP machines that can see each other are attached in the 3 different ways (1 wireless, 1 router, 2 on the switch). The Win 7 desktop is on the switch.

I know I'm missing something, but not sure what. Thanks for any help in advance...

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UPDATE: Shortly after I submitted my question, the Win 7 Desktop machine suddenly could see all the network computers. I navigated over to the new network printer, clicked on it and it installed without any additional downloads from me. Then I looked at the Win 7 Laptop, and as was true the night before, it could see all the networked computers, but it could not install any of the networked printers no matter what I tried. Can't figure out what the difference is in the Desktop and Laptop Win 7 machines, in the way they are interfacing with the printers on attempted installs.

Then this morning, I woke the Win 7 Desktop, and all it sees on the network is itself (only Win 7 machine running right now). Prior to it seeing all the networked machines last night, the Win 7 laptop came home and the Win 7 desktop could immediately see the Win 7 laptop. Again, the XP machines see the Win 7 desktop. Hope someone can explain this...
UPDATE 2: I think I'm going to just keep posting questions, it seems to help. After submitting the above update, I clicked refresh multiple times for the Win 7 Desktop to look at the network, and low and behold the XP machines appeared. Does this desktop need time to be on the network to see the other XP machines? The Win 7 Laptop seemed to see all machines upon opening it, another difference between the 2 Win 7 machines. Hope someone is getting entertainment value from all this... Still can't install network printers on the Win 7 laptop though...