Dell laptop has run out of memory

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My son was using our laptop yesterday and ignored all the warning notes saying that c: drive was out of memory - I've had an external hard drive sitting there waiting for us to load some of the stuff from the laptop onto it, but of course haven't got around to it.

He turned it off after using it and now when I turn it back on it goes through the process of loading windows, but then goes to a black screen with nothing on it. The cursor is visible and can be moved around. I've tried taking out the battery, turning of the power, holding down the power button, etc, but still the same result.

I'm thinking that it doesn't have enough memory to run anything. Problem is, I can't delete anything to free space, because I can't get into it to do so!

Any solutions?


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Dear D,

Please consider upgrading your RAM memory to get the problem solved.

Thanks in advance.
Thank you for replying so quickly. Yes, I can do that - but will it mean I lose what was already on my computer - data and/or programs?
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Dear Sir,

You will not lose anything from your database, it will simply boost the computer's performance.

Thank you.
So the computer will be able to boot and load windows again and I'll be able to access everything again? Sorry, I'm good at using the programs I need to use, but not good at the technical side of the hardware. :-((