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Starting about 6 or 8 weeks ago, when I login to my account, I'm often given:

Looks like you’ve tried to sign in unsuccessfully too many times. Recover your ID or reset your password to continue.
CARE CODE: 205.2 [LU003]

I have a Windows 10 desktop and laptop; this happens with both.

I have an iPhone and iPad; both work. I can reset the password, and it will work with the Chrome browser for a day or 2, then back to needing to recover.

I've cleared the caches with no improvement.

What's happening?

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 94.0.4606.61

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Friday October 30, 2015
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January 15, 2022

First of all, make sure that there is no suspicious activity on your account. Here are an article written by AT&T to recognize a hacked or compromised account.

If your account is neither hacked, nor compromised, log out from all your devices for 24 hours and clear their browser's cache and cookies. Before doing so, make sure that the recovery options of your AT&T account are up to date, just in case.

After 24 hours, try logging in again to your account from one of your device. If you no longer get the previous message, then you can also login on your other devices.

Hope this will help to solve this issue.

Good luck
Got the same issue. It's not you. You can "fix" it by resetting your password, but now any other devices you sign in will get that error. And other people report still that you will have to reset your password every 2 weeks on desktop. I can report it works fine thru Aquamail on mobile, but that's it.