Dual Monitor problem!! HELLLPP!

 Steve -
so the monitor on my dell inspiron 1525 goes out! I hook up an external monitor and it works fine. The problem is i started messing around with the icon on the taskbar that read GMA i believe! Anyhow i accidently clicked on the one that made the laptop the primary monitor and it flickers off and then back on. When the external monitor shows up it only shows the background with no icons at all. So now my main or primary monitor is the laptop which is out and the external seems to have no functionality. I tried starting in safe mode but i cant even get one of my screens to display the start up menu! I want to switch the primary monitor back to the external monitor but am unable without any functional screen! As i said the external does work i just need to know what i need to do to get my external working properly again... until i can affored to replace my screen on the laptop? Man i feel like such an idiot for even messing with that icon! I 'm sure i dont know the exact terminology for all that has happened but I am also sure there is someone out there that can help me oiut with some advice! Please help! Send email to Maesiah@hotmail.com!!

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I figured it out myself!!! whoo hooo!! YAY The answer is :

Alt-F1 to change screen to external monitor and alt-F3 to chabge to laptop monitor.