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- Aug 29, 2010 at 02:09 PM
I have WINDOWS XP. Yesterday i turned on my computer and the color is all messed up. The RED doesnt work... its no where in the color management to change the setting. Everything is BLUE and GREEN. No red. My monitor is actually my television and when you view the TV it works fine, so i know the monitor is not busted. Its something within my tower. How do i go about fixing it?? PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE help me!
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I had this problem once. I use my monitor as my tv and it turned out that the cable connecting tot he computer to the monitor was loose. But that was just me. might be a differnt problem for you.
i hope you get it fixed soon. good luck.
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hahahha my screen's cord was loose too thanks for the advice =D it worked lol.
Sam you were right the connection jut neede to be tightened. Thanks a millions.
I had the same problem and the connection was loose too. This was a great help!!! Thanks
color not working properly
Hi I have an HP Compaq 6710b laptop and the screen has just dimmed also. I only purchased it in Oct 08. Using Microsoft Vista. Would appreciate if anyone knows how to help.
mine doesnt too i need help!!