My speakers or headphones won't work?

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I had to have everything re-loaded onto my computer, at a local shop. Now everything thing works except my speakers, or even headphones on the front plug. I have made sure everything is plugged in correctly, turned on, all the volumes are set at the highest level possible. All my drivers (SB Live) say they are fine and working. Please help me.

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Do the following:
Go into
  • control panel / device manager (must be an administrator) / sound, video and game controllers
  • Right click on your audio device
  • choose "disable"
  • wait a moment and right click, choose "enable"

Should be working perfectly!
Thank you

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I’ve been trying to get this to Work all day! Thank you
thanks its really very healpfull and really working.
Thanks so much! I was so confused when my headphones didn't work. Thank you! :D

Thank you. It worked. I had to restart computer after I disabled and then enable.
Ok, I had the same exact problem, except that I have windows vista. I hope that this helps you out because I know it can be a little annoying. First, go to your control panel, then you go to hardware and sound. In the hardware and sound, you will see this thing that says sound. Click sound, and a little screen will pop-up, double click speakers, then another little screen will pop-up. On the first tab, it'll say controller information, then whatever it is, next to it (on the right side) there will be a button that says properties. Click on that, and another screen will pop up, click on the little tab that says driver, and you will see all these options, click on update driver, and maybe it'll work. Hope it works with XP, I kinda doubt that it's the same programs, but it's something.

I have a Microsoft XP computer and I can't get my earphones to work on it. I have no speakers. Please help! =[
which driver update do I use? there is the online one, and the browsing one. The online one just keeps searching though

thanks so much, you helped me too. they are still to quiet, but its better.
Hello Chris,
Great job, you got my mic working! But I'm not having my sound working, any ideas please tell me! Kind regards

thank you very much, you saved me a lot of time
Hey guys, I was actually reading all your comments in hopes of finding a solution myself. I had the same problem most of you have or had.
I'm running a Vista Home Premium 6-bit laptop/notebook, and my sound drivers/cards are "Avnex Virtal Audio Device" and "Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221"
There are other two which I found to be useless so I won't name them.

My laptop (gateway) was working perfectly fine until I plugged in a pair of headphones, then all my sound completely went away. I was going insane and thought about unistalling my sound cards and installing new ones, but I'm not good with computers and was going to mess it all up worse, so I decided not to.
Anyway, I couldn't find an answer, and non of yours seemed to work, so I fooled around with them, and finally ended up Making the Conexant speaker the default speakers.

I did this by going to Control Panel > Sound >
And you'll see the speakers there. I had Avnex as my default, so I pressed on it, And pressed Properties. Then I went through all the taps and tested everyone. Non seemed to work. So I went to Conexant and did the same thing. The test worked and I heard some beeping sounds.

My Fiancee next to me asked me why Avnex was the default, and I said I didn't know, it was that way before I did anything, so I got the idea to make Conexant the default drivers and it worked. I started getting the beeping sounds when I get a pop up or something, so I tried my Itunes and WALAH! :D

I thought I had burned down my speakers or something because (being a huge fan of downloads) I have kept my laptop on 3 days in a row now. (the file is huge and my internet is BLAH. *cough* Comcast *cough*) and my laptop has gotten BURNING underneath.

Anyway, hoped I helped. :)
just disable the hdmi in the control panel - sound section for a bit and it should revert back to the speakers. worked for me
I solved this problem on my asus p5 plus by updating drivers. I did a search for via high definition drivers for 64 bit win7 and obtained a sizable download called v7300A zip. I ran the setup and bingo- front speaker/ mike jacks work fine now.
This helped me! I installed TuneBite software and that put High Speed dubbing as default device for some strange reason. Thanks for the help.
OMG THANKS A BUNCH CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey I had xp on my comp and my speakers which were plugged in the back jack socket worked fine. I installed vista home edition and I had no sound , my speakers in the bottom right hand corner has a cross and it says "no audio output device installed." I have tread all the comments and followed step by step , I have all the current drivers updfated yet my headphones and speakers arent detected when they are plugged in either jack plug.
use a vista compateble sound drvs. with xp sound drvs it won't work.
download from the comp site.
can somebody give me a link to get a sound card driver for my pakard bell istart 1379, I had vista, removed it and installed xp now my speakers dont work
turn it off and on again!
Thanks a lot Chris you're a geniusss
lol, you have the same name as my friend miley cyrus. All you got to do if to push it in, or buy a new one. I v'e had the same problem..and it worked!
hope I works if you try
<3 sel (selena gomez)
My speakers did this same thing suddenly. Seems what caused the problem was under the IDT Audio the default became unselected. Go to the Control Panel. Click on IDT Audio Control Panel. Then click on "Playback". Then under Speakers and Dual Headphones click to set as default.
Ya listen to chris its working..Thanks u r good at this!!!