Cant format my external HD [Closed]

 Nic -
I Have an external HD that I use on my laptop, one of those laptop HD in a USB case things.

I few months ago it just stopped reading. I tried everything and got no response.

I have finally now managed to retreive all the data off it using a data recovery program, but in doing this I have noticed that this drive is still fully functional and all the data is still there.

It shows up in MY Computer as a Local Drive (G:) but when you try click on the icon to format it nothing happens.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Hi there,

Is it slow?Please give more information.

Sorry I added a comment to your question but I added it at the bottom of my original question.

I just cant access the drive to do anything.

I think the boot sectors are damaged
Its super slow.... it shows that there is a HD connected but I cannot access it or do anything to it.

No menu opens when I right click on the icon in My Computer.

Its is just totally unresponsive.

Im trying to format it hoping that it will work thereafter.

I have a feeling that the boot sector is missing files or damaged.

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