Magicjack ' signing in '

oryan990 - Apr 11, 2010 at 09:47 AM
 arealnoob - Jul 14, 2011 at 08:32 AM
magicjack keeps saying ' signing in ' but never gets to ' ready to call ' What do I do to fix this constant problem?

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Blake: Welcome to the higher level of support.This is BLAKE, and I will be assisting you on your concern today.

Blake: Please give me a few moments to read your previous conversation and be able to give you further assistance about it. Thank you.

Blake: hi there Stebe

Blake: *steve

Steve: Steve

Blake: do you have rogers security installed in your pc?

Steve: No, Bell security

Blake: okay

Blake: please open your BEll security

Steve: OK, done

Blake: Please click Firewall then click on Internet Access Rules

Steve: OK, done

Blake: in thelist of entries, do you see magicjack?

Steve: Yes

Blake: is it set to ALLOW or FULL ACCESS?

Steve: There is a green check mark, same as all the other programs

Steve: Means "allow"

Blake: okay

Blake: okay

Blake: please click on Advanced button then click Add Port or Protocol button on the lower left corner of your screen

Steve: OK, done

Blake: We will need to add two ports separately,

Blake: the first ports is

Blake: Description = magicJack1

Blake: TCP or UDP = select UDP

Blake: Direction = Any Direction

Blake: Port Number = 5060

Blake: Then click OK

Steve: Under "Name"/

Blake: For name: type in MAGICJACK1

Steve: I don't see "diecrtion"

Steve: direction

Blake: leave it blank

Steve: I mean, there is no box for direction. TCPof UDP, I checked UDP. Ports, I have 5060. What about "other Protocol"?

Steve: Just click OK?

Blake: yes, just click on OK...

Blake: done?

Steve: yes

Steve: Customer created rule, click OK again?

Blake: yes, click on OK

Steve: done

Blake: Now please click on Add Port or Protocol button again and enter the second port

Blake: Description = magicJack2

Blake: TCP or UDP = select UDP

Blake: Port Number = 5070

Blake: Then click OK

Steve: Done

Blake: now please unplug your mj and plug it in after 15 seconds

Steve: Magicjack starting up

Blake: update me if the error is still there

Steve: Hey Blake.... Thanks, "ready to Call"....

Blake: great!

Blake: Is there anything else I may help you with today?

Steve: Nope, thaks a lot, have a good evening

Steve: thanks
Note : if you are outside the US and have a non-us IP, that won't work. In that case you'll need to install an IP spoofer or proxy that shows you as having a us-based IP.
even I am facing similar issue in vista but not in XP . If you got the solution can you please post it ?