No audio device installed HP Pavilion dv6500

DK - Oct 21, 2008 at 08:28 PM
 nik - Jan 17, 2013 at 08:25 PM
I also receive the message: No audio device is installed. I have been having this problem for months now.
I executed the above suggested procedure, but when it was attempting to install the driver I received message "Driver installation failed, could not find the MEDIA for this driver."
In Device Manager - No sound devices are listed at all, bottom right sound Icon has a red X just to the right of the sound icon. Any help would be appreciated.

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I had the same problem with my DV6529em hp laptop, but there is a very simple solution, all you need is internet connection.

Step 1.

You need to do little update for your windows XP, so it could recognise HD audio at all. You should install following windows xp driver: "Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) Bus Driver for High Definition".

You can download it from this location:

Step 2.

Simply go to your device manager and find driver marked with question mark and named "HD audio device on HD audio BUS" (or similar), then right click and chose update. This way your xp system will download and install driver through windows update...

But still that will only enable your sound with basic driver. Windows update driver won't provide options to chose different bit rates of frequency... Unless there is other solution
Thank goodness for people like you Don! This totally worked for me. You're fabulous! Although I just did it one step. Installed the driver for my specific computer type instead of downloading it and then manually installing it. Worked like a charm. Didn't realize it would be so easy to fix the sound. Thanks!
You are the King
Thank You very much!
What would you use if you were doing it with windows vista on a dv9910us?
Im having that problem and Im trying to fix it. But I don't have internet service at the moment. Im trying to find the exact driver to download on a cd so I can install on my pc. Do you know which driver that is and where I can find it? I have a pavilion 540n. I upgraded from windows vista to xp. Under sound, video + game controllers I don't have any red x's. But in device manager I have the yellow ?'s under other devices. Can you help me 2?
this works only on xp sp2 and doesn't work on vista or windows 7 any other solution?
Hi I have hp pavilion dv1000 and when I installed vista it gave the message saying "No Audio output device installed". Read couple of forums...nothing worked....asked an onlin hp tech...he told me to download and install these drivers and it worked.....see if it will help yu...
thank you dr. it work for hp pavilion dv 2000 thank you somuch for that..
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just try to download the driver from the link below and see if it works fine after:
I had the same problem when I up graded from Windows XP to Windows Vista Ultimate.
When I was using XP I had no problems with the sound on my PC but as soon as I loaded the disk for Vista Ultimate I got the message No Media Devices are Installed when I placed my pointer over the speaker with the red cross on it over on the right hand side of the screen, next to the time display.

I had this problem for 2 days and was looking on line for ways to try and resolve it but was un sucessful.

I looked on my Controll Panel and double clicked on the System location and went to the Device Manager.

Once in Device Manager I noticed on the other devices section it was showing a Multimedia device but when I double clicked on it and tried to install and update driver I was receiving a message telling me that no drivers could be found for the device.

I then thought about other things I had had problems with in the past that did exactly the same in the devices section and thought to myself, well all I had to do to resolve those problems was un plug the device from my mother board and plug them back in after a few seconds and the computer downloaded the drivers for them straight away.

I then thought of what audio devices I had pluged in to my mother board and realised that the only things to do with audio were the speakers.

I thought to myself, it may not work but I'll give it a try so I un pluged the speakers (BOTH WHIRES) left it for a couple of seconds and pluged them back in and HEY PRESTO, I now have full sound with no problems at all.

If your PC came with a built in sound card and you are having the same or a similar problem, I'm not saying it will work but give it a try to see what hapens.

As they say, you'll never know untill you try.

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I tried so many ways to fix it and it's frustrating. Finally, I downloaded my audio driver and reinstall it. It works. my notebook model is dv6700 and I download my driver at
all you have to do is go to start>right click on my computer>choose properties>go to the hardware tab>device manager

under under devices there will be a bunch of yellow questionmarks

right click on the one that says audio, and go to update

Follow the directions and let win xp do the work for you............
Thank you--soo much!!
Thanks this helped.
i cant find the yellow ?marks under devices
i cant find devices onlys system devices and theres no audio meaning no quiestion marks
Ok Guys I think I may have the solution to all of your woes. I've been mulling over this problem for a day now and I finally solved it. May not work for you but I tried everything else and here's what I finally did with success.

Restart your PC and go into BIOS mode. Fiddle around in the advanced settings and I eventually you should find a option to enable or disable audio. Guess what.... mine was disabled. No joke. I took my PC apart. Cleaned it. Learned a massive amount in the process but eventually you'll get there with perseverance.

There is also an option to enable or disable LAN too so that may work for you Vlasimil.

Let me know how you guys get on with this!

This worked for me... I could not find an option to enable or disable audio, but I enetered BIOS mode on startup and selected the setting to load/reset settings... it now works again... so far...
hey thanks a lot..u solutions worked on my laptop Compaq C500.
thanks don it help me out I got my sound back
I have a HP DV6000 and down in the right hand corner I also seen the same the a red x and a I received a update for audio and now it is working so windows has aknowledged the problem...maybe try an check for you updates
I have the same problem!
I too am dealing with this same problem.. I have tried everything!
same problem