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champton - Oct 22, 2008 at 11:57 PM
 Jo - Oct 23, 2008 at 04:12 PM
I had windows xp when I bought my computer. I got a virus on my computer, so I reinstalled windows xp. I put the cd in booted my computer and just followed the options that it the disc automatically brought up. I don't understand the partetions (Spelling) so I just picked the first option which was formating it in NFTS. I ran through the installation process and loaded the window xp on. Now the only programs that show on my computer when I go to add/remove programs is McAffee antivirus and windows programs which I think there might be five of them. That is the only programs that show up on my computer. On my windows screen I have Internet Explorer, McAffee, and Recycle Bin which is empty. Now of course when I loaded the window xp home edition on I lost all my documents and pictures so I know it wiped everything out that I wanted it to including the virus. Now my question is everytime I get on my computer a windows update pops up so of course I update everytime I log on which is getting old, so is this correct should this be happening? My next question is about every two minutes my computer tells me I have low disk space in D: so I went to clean disk. It didn't fix the problem I have no clue what is taking up all my Drive D: space I have nothing on my computer now and I can't upgrade to explorer 7.0 because there isn't enough memory, also my restore will not work because I literally have 0% space on that drive and my C: has 81%. Any ideas on what I need to do will be of much help.

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Oct 23, 2008 at 12:15 AM
You have one hard drive Partitioned into a C drive and a D drive. The D drive is very small and was meant to hold utility programs and maybe a backup copy of Windows. This is common practice for Dell , Gateway, HP etc.

When you re-installed Windows it installed itself on the D drive. It should have installed on the C drive. You can confirm this by opening the C drive - you should find you data / pictures. How is the time to copy these files to a CD.

You need to re-install Windows - this time you want to install it on the C drive.
you do not require to reinstall the windows, but try and manage disk space through my computer or try if some has Partition megic this can resolve your disk specification allocation....

Though I would like you to perfom couple of operation.

Go to Start--> Run--> type " cmd " (do not insert inverted comma)

the command prompt screen will appear with blincking curser, Read the first letter on Left corner, Which letter does it read C or D? which ever letter it reads that drive letter where your system has been installed.

To check how much space is available on each drive go to each drive and right click and select properties.

This will show you how much space is available.

if you have all the service packs installed then there are very good chances of seeing quota in that property box try and manage disk space from there.

Last but not least try couple of simple operations to clean disk



Start-->Run-->all Program-->Accessories-->Systems Tools-->Disk Cleanup.

Above instruction should ease your problem