Total security xp & non-working *.exe files

akutenshi - Apr 17, 2010 at 09:13 PM
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i was checking my yahoo mail today, left the computer for about 10 minutes, and when i came back, my ie was gone and there were a dozen boxes popping up about security issues. i freaked, of course. but it didn't look right, nor make sense. the giveaway was the windows security center - with total xp security in the titlebar. i got my netbook out and started searching. i've read about the issue, i've tried different techniques, but now i'm really in a pickle!

i tried searching for the program - i didn't have one. i had "ave.exe" at first, i'd terminate it with task manager, it'd pop back up - blah blah. i tried to search for it. it didn't exist (according to my stupid dog friend, should have known, lol). i have all my system files unhidden. i'm using microsoft security essentials. i scanned, and it showed nothing (but it was odd that it was about 50% finished, and then bam, complete - and 50% was after about an hour or so. sounds odd doesn't it?). i tried to get online - that was a joke. i could get to my homepage after clicking no 50 times - but if i put in anything else, i'd get an error.

i downloaded malwarebytes and spyware doctor on the netbook. i restarted in safemode. total xp security had invaded safe mode - and i couldn't use anything! only thing i could do is copy the files over. i'd double click, triple, get the idea, and nothing. i got fed up (mse did the same thing, only thing in the taskbar was that stupid alert). i restarted again, but let it go normally.

now, total xp security is gone (for now, it could be playing peekaboo), BUT, i can't run any exe files! i can open any program with a file (like use an mp3 to get windows media player open), but when i click on an exe file, i get the "choose the program you want to use to open this file" window. i read about using task manager to get a command prompt - that worked, and i could get malwarebytes and spyware doctor installed, but how do i fix this? and is total xp security gone, or just hiding on me? i REALLY don't want to reformat now - i have tons of pics of my 2 babies on it, and no backup! any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! thanks in advance (and really thanks for just reading my problem, lol)


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Apr 18, 2010 at 05:33 AM
Well, well, well

Isn't this a dandy! As your friend would say: "you should have consulted Kioskea first!" The problem was solved here sometime ago.

As this rogue Trojan Horse rampaged while you were chasing it, it created a lot of damage, for it is a self-protective virus and the processes created by the animal had to first be stopped before attempting to clean the manure for residues there are.

We need to know what is going on inside your system...

Please download and install Hyjackthis, version 2.0.3

Request a scan and save a log.

Copy the log and paste it here.

Once I have studied the log, I will report back with further instructions to repair your system

Catch you later