Download Realtek High Definition Audio Driver (32/64-bit)

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Realtek High Definition Audio driver for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 64 bits is compatible with numerous motherboards that incorporate the audio devices and chipsets manufactured by Realtek.

Among the devices supported by this Realtek driver are ALC-221, ALC-231, ALC-233, ALC-260, ALC-262, ALC-267, ALC-268, ALC-269, ALC-270, ALC-272, ALC-273, ALC-275, ALC-276,ALC-280, ALC-282, ALC-283, ALC-284, ALC-286, ALC-290, ALC-292, ALC-383, ALC-660 ALC-662, ALC-663, ALC-665, ALC-668, ALC-670, ALC-671, ALC-672, ALC-676, ALC-680, ALC-882, ALC-883, ALC-885, ALC-886, ALC-887, ALC-888, ALC-889, ALC-892, ALC-899, ALC-861VD, ALC-900, ALC-1200

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