I have a virus that doesn't allow me to scan

limmy - Apr 19, 2010 at 06:08 AM
 Max - Sep 17, 2014 at 10:48 AM
I have recently gotten a virus of some sort on my laptop, from watching a free online movie on mega video. this virus will not let me scan the computer as a security warning will pop up saying that the software/program is infected. this also happens when I try to install a purchased anti virus disk, open help and support and run system restore. the security warnings also ask me if I want to activate my anti virus software - if I say yes, it will open a anti virus software website asking me to purchase it. or if I choose no, the same warning will pop up 5 seconds later. another problem is that occasionally, a porn website will pop up even though I have never searched porn or entered a website
is there any way to fix it?

please help

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Apr 19, 2010 at 06:21 AM
Hello Limmy, M8,

Please follow the following procedure carefully and to the letter.

You have a rogue virus Trojan Horse which is self protective, thus it will prevent any antivirus from fonctionning.

You must kill the processes which the virus is presently running. If you don't it will keep reproducing the files for ever.

To kill the processes:

1. Download to your desktop and run Rogue Kill:


2. You should now see a window that shows all of your desktop icons, including the rkill.com program.

3. Double-click on the rkill.com in order to automatically attempt to stop any processes associated with the Rogue programs. Please be patient while the program looks for various malware programs and ends them. When it has finished, the black window will automatically close and you can continue with the next step.

If you get a message that rkill is an infection, do not be concerned. This message is just a fake warning given by the Horse when it terminates programs that may potentially remove it. If you run into these infections warnings that close Rkill, a trick is to leave the warning on the screen and then run Rkill again. By not closing the warning, this typically will allow you to bypass the malware trying to protect itself so that rkill can terminate the processes . So, please try running Rkill until malware is no longer running.

Please, DO NOT REBOOT your computer or the processes will come back to haunt you!

Download to your desktop Malwarebyte.


Once on your desktop, we must still outwit the virus.

Right click on the MBAM icon and click on rename. Rename it kioskea.exe.

Install Malwarebyte and launch it. From the second tab, update it.

Pretty please, request a FULL system scan which should take more than hour. Once the scan is finish, delete all of item that were found.

Once your computer is clean and working normally just to be on the safe side
*Turn off system restore and wait 30 seconds,
*Turn it back on and create a new restore point.

This way it gets rid of anything bad that might have gotten saved in a restore point and you have a clean restore point to use in the near future if needed.
Do not turn it off until your computer is clean and working normally because you might need to use it if something goes wrong during the clean-up process.
It is better to go back to an infected restore point if something goes wrong then to not be able to undo changes that were damaging.

(Malwarebyte may reboot your computer, don't be alarmed. Should it happened, relaunch Malwarebyte to complete the FULL scan)

Once all this is completed, I always suggest to delete Malwarebyte as some people have reported that it may interfere with other antivirus applications.

Please let us know about the results which I am sure will be positive.

I had the same problem this weekend. I tried numerous things even creating a bootable cd and thumb drive. Nothing worked and out of total frustration did a last effort google search and came across this post. What a sanity saver!!! ...and computer saver.
Thank you so much!
That worked great Thanks

tanx alot ...it was the best
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Mar 30, 2012 at 04:20 AM
Thank you for your feedback and you are welcome.
Ur freavking awesome... It's scanning now but I'm pretty sure it's gonna work I CANNOT TELL U HOW THANKFUL I AM!