My flash-drive won't work!!!!!

 gb92121 -

I need some help, my flash drive won't work no matter what. I've tried pulling it out then putting it back in, blowing the dust out of the prongs, and wiggling it. If anybody has an answer for this qustion, please tell me whats wrong.

Thank you,

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Dear Tom,

Please indicate whether it is being detected or it is actually not being recognized so that we get to see in the matter properly.

Thank you.
Mine is having the same problem. It used to work on my computer and today all of a sudden it doesn't work any more. It does not even get detected, nothing, nada, as if it doesnt exist.

Thank you in advance.
Try different USB ports and/or different computers (library for example). Mine seems to work fine at home but sometimes not at library. And keep trying. If you can finally get it to work, immediately copy anything importland to your hard drive and/or online storage (, etc). Good luck. And it's a good idea to sometimes back up the entire flash drive onto your hard drive, CD, another flash drive, etc, especially after you've put something irreplaceable on it.