Uploading the sims2 [Closed]

 aman -
i was trying to upload the sims 2 today, disc one, two, and three uploaded fine and then when i inserted disc 4 it said ' a problem has occured while trying to transfer the file. 'TSData/res/userdata/neighborhoods/N001/_User00003.package' from the media.

does anyone know what this means and know how to fix it so i can play the sims2 again?
this just started happening when the computer was sent away to be fixed. i have windows xp.

marisa xx

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Did you donwload it?well if you got the CD, that is problem see if you CD number 4 isnt' broke or something like that.
I had the same problem with Seasons and Open For Business. I cleaned the discs with rubbing alcohol and they worked fine after that.
My Sims 2 does the same thing it says TSData/res/userdata/neighborhoods/N001/_User00003.package' from the media and I dont really have a cd cleaner or anythin, I feel sorry for u.. u could try the sims life stories, and buy it. it doesnt support expansions or Custom Content but atleast it passes the time,
thats exactly what mine does, but mine does that on the 2nd disk. i dont know what to do!!!!! sorry i cant help you
My sims Universitys got so scrached it got to about 60 percent then the computer spit the disk out.

Scraches can usually be fixed, why buy an exspensive disk repair kit when you could take it along to your local game, or cash genertors shop and for a small price of about 2.00s they will fix it up as good as new.
marisa xx buy a dvd yara