Where is the command prompt in linux

red_flower - May 3, 2010 at 02:43 PM
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I want to remove linux ubuntu 9.04 and load windows xp
I want to know where is the command prompt in linux to use fdisk to format the computer
is the command propmt is terminal in linux
or program that I need to install

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May 3, 2010 at 04:28 PM
Here is what I did based on various suggestions here:
1. Use another PC to download "Kill Disk" Windows version from https://www.killdisk.com/eraser.html
The free version is good enough, unless you work for CIA / KGB and need higher security than normal humans.
Install the application on that other PC and now you can create a bootable KillDisk CD. So burn that into a CD.

2. Now go to that cursed PC running Linux and boot from this KillDisk CD you created.
In the menu select KillDisk. You will see your HDD - select it and then press F10.
In the free version you can only use the default "Erases with one-pass zeros" and that is MORE THAN ENOUGH.
Now it will prompt you to type the command to erase the HDD. Type exactly as shown on the menu and press enter.
Voila - Ubuntu or any other damn Linux goes to its grave in under 20 minutes depending upon your system specifications.

3. Menu shows a blank HDD with no formatting or anything else. Exit the KillDisk menu and remove CD. To Nuke the HDD is the confirmed way of destroying Linux OS.

4. Now get the Ubuntu 9.04 boot CD or any other Linux OS - I used Ubuntu 9.04 which was installed and nuked.
So boot from this Ubuntu 9.04 and go to Live CD

5. Now use:
System -> Administration -> Partition Editor -> GParted -> Partition -> New NTFS or FAT 32
I chose FAT 32 to be on the safe side
Now "Apply" those changes in GParted menu button.
Make sure you have formatted the entire HDD with FAT32 - a single partition. This must be your primary.

6. Now exit Ubuntu Live CD and eject its boot CD

7. OK, now your WinXP CD is almost ready to install on the PC with a blank HDD.

8. Insert the WinXP CD and boot - press F2 to go to the BIOS Settings.

9. In BIOS Settings change HDD from AHCI to IDE (only for late model laptops).
It has to be IDE or your WinXP CD will cry and piss on its own shoes and yours.

10. Now press F10 to save and exit and continue boot from CD

11. WinXP menu comes, click away - see the blank FAT32 HDD - select your choice of partition - maintain FAT 32 or use NTFS.
I spent the time and made it into NTFS during installation.

12. Then follow the menu options and you are done.