Excel, IF fuction with cell text values? [Solved/Closed]

 jen -

I would like to include the text value of a cell in the statement I have for one of the IF options.

So far my formula is -:

=IF((B19-B12)<0,"To Pay to Employee, "Owed To company")

However I would like to change the employee to a cell value A3, where their name is in text.

=IF((B19-B12)<0,"To Pay to "&A3", "Owed To company")

But this doesn't work....

Would love your suggestions!

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Change to

=IF((B19-B12)<0,"To Pay to " & A3, "Owed To company")

You should not have "& A3", that makes it a string
thank you very much!

I've been struggling with this for some time today, such an easy thing to change, but I would never guess it!

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