Cpu Failure to start up

Magnus - Nov 7, 2008 at 02:03 AM
 manish - Nov 7, 2010 at 11:53 PM
Hello, okay so not to long ago i shut my computer down and it didnt shut down all the way, however the green power light turned off, and a red HDD light remained on... so i shut it down the rest of the way in the morning ( when i noticed ) and tried to turn it back on.. all i got was no power LED and a solid red HDD led and my monitor doesnt show signs of life but it works, however my fans and HDD spin, my keyboard blinks the num/cap/scroll lock once, and my mouse shows steady life. so i began to do the basics, swap ram out 1 by 1 and even added a stick i know that works, still no change, so, i swaped HDD themself, and still no change, i swaped GFX card, yet again, no change, i swaped my power supply, processor, CD rom, network card, C-MOSS battery, and still didnt get a change, so i swaped my motherboard and didnt get a change, ive tried every combo i can possibly think of.. once i swaped cases i got a somewhat different responce, wich is a green power light, and a very quick flash of a hdd light, but still same basic results, can anyone give me a clue or a solid answer? thanks!

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Nov 7, 2008 at 07:21 AM
the problem is surely coming from the motherboard and just try to get the help of a technician who would be able to check that for you
i have the feeling you may be right... ive begun to swap things arround, and with BOTH motherboards i get the same thing tho... when i plug into IDE-1 my ribon cords ( 4 that ive gone through 1 beand new, 1 old n working, n my 2 orriginal, my plug in at the end works, my middle plug doesnt, and both ports on IDE-2 dont work... ive gone through every way there... ( test, IDE-1 end in both CD rom and HDD - the CD rom with that will activate - hdd will boot, IDE-1 middle will not, same results with IDE-2 both mid n end will not work. ) but no matter how i do it... my moniter will not turn on and well... mouse is on, keyboard blinks n ont respond
same problem coming ans saying cpu fan 0

now what and how i on my computer and its showing only disk boot error..pl. give me remedy for this..
your psu is screwed up. it doesn't have enough power to run all peripherals. the cpu being kinda hungry will not operate without enough power hence a forever spinning fans and whatnot and no boot.
Please check all the connection It might be loose connection