Need Help with My Drivers! Acer Aspire 5532 [Solved/Closed]

 Michael -
I've been looking for AGES on the internet looking for the correct drivers for these 3 things because I recently reformatted my laptop (they still have the yellow question mark under "Other Devices"):

-SM Bus Controller
-Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller
-Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

I just need these 3 things and I'll be good.

Specifications are...
OS: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 3200 1GB
CPU: AMD Athlon TF-20 @ 1.6GHz
HDD: 160GB

Help would be amazing!!

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Dear Sir,

Please consider downloading the specific driver from the following address.

Thank you.
It seems that the site does not have my model?

I'll try the Aspire 5535 under the Aspire category.
go to the ati AKA amd web site and download the chipset drivers just plug in the model names and corresponding hardware in to the pulldown boxes. and wahla smbus controller instatlled. Note that intel chipsets and nvidia chipsets must be acuired form their respective websites.