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I have a new HP 505 Touchsmart running Vista 64 bit. I cannot seem to download and install ITunes 8 from the Apple webpage. It says downloading, but then it sits at 0% for about 40 minuts, and then times out. Any ideas??
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Thank you

if you are still having problems installing iTunes try this solution that I used for a family member having the same error:
go to start>>control panel>>user accounts >>create a new user account that has admin
in the new user account try to install iTunes for all users.

If it installs, log out and go to your usual account, check you have access to iTunes and can use the program, set it to find your music and create the library.
Once your happy its installed and fully working you can delete the spare user account that you made.

Thank you, Liverbird 122

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nun-yo-bis-niss-perv - May 5, 2010 at 05:42 PM
quick times the problem not all that other crap>>>>>>>>>>>>>u think u culd help
My computer says that it needs some service package to install iTunes. Quicktime installed but now I can't get iTunes to work!
I have tried so many times to download itunes and it never works. It either says error 2 or Mircosoft.VC80.CRT,version="8.0.50727.4053",type="win32",publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b"process or Architecture="x86"... Please help me find a solution. I need my music!!! Thanks!
try to download it from utorrent :)
Had my doubts, but this worked for me! Thank you so much!
Thank you
everytime I try to download itunes when gets to 68% the download just stop.. someone help me, please!
i installed itunes! - Dec 24, 2009 at 08:57 AM
Thank you
>Click Tools
>Internet Options
>Make sure Temporary internet files, cookies and history boxes are all checked
>Click Delete

Now Download iTunes 8.0
it worked for me.
This just worked for me - thanks!!
what tools?....where is it?
the tools in firefox or whatever were using
install quick time alternative first, then I tunes installtion will automatically follow
Thank you
i download itunes and then it says something about win32 or something like that application cannot be recongised
Thank you
i solved mine, go to start,,, run,,,, enter,, (hkey..localmachine)... then select software..lok for apple, and then delet ,,, make sure before u start download to delet all temp internet files..... it worked for me...
Thank you
everytime I try to download itunes when gets to 68% the download just stop.. someone help me, please!
your lucky, mine stays on 3% and times out
Thats exactly what mines is doing. Ive tried to download this for 2 days now and the furthest it gets is 67 per cent then freezes and would remain like that forever if I let it!!
Mine was doing the exact same thing. Tried to download it for about a week. Must have tried about 15 times at least!! I tried all sorts of things but finally found something that worked. I downloaded mozilla firefox, then cleared my browsing history, that still didnt work but then I turned off my pop up blocker through tools and internet options on mozilla firefox and then when I tried again it worked straight away.
every time I try to download itunes it seemingly completes the download, but then it says some thing interrupted the download. ive tried over and over again and it takes like 3 hours to compete the doownlad. any ideas?
atleast your not on a limited data plan I have to pay like£10 a gig and it never downloads
Thank you
i thinkthe site is wacked I dont even get a download screen it says that is been down loaded but is no where to be foiubd
me toooooo
mine says =
do not have permission to access file
-after have downloaded it.
Thank you
hi there I am Tashi.If U have a problem downloading using 64 bit os then install a soft ware to download like download accelerator plus and try downloading its very easy or change the downloading site it may have problems
Thank you
mabey u r using google chrome. nothing downloads with google chrome try internet explora
Thank you
I can download it but it wont install... Something about windows installer being incorrectly installed, but I dont know what that is, or how to fix it-HELP
same here ...exactly the same problem did u have any luck ? x
Ive tried downloading it through google and internet explorer and neither work.. But will try mozilla firefox and see what happens. Thanks for the tip.
Tried downloading it about 5 times last night through Mozilla firefox. That doesnt work either!! So internet explorer, google and firefox dont work for me. Any ideas anybody!!!
i have the same problem - tried explorer, firefox and chrome - none of the work. What can I do?? (other than get a refund on it!)
If you haven't already done so, turn OFF your POP UP BLOCKER until installation of iTunes set up is complete. Then turn POP UP BLOCKER back ON. Hope that works for you.
Thank you
my itunes wont down load I downloaded the new version of itunes and it said something about downloading a mobile thingy am not sure so I erased my itunes and quicktime just stayed on there I try to download itunes and it downloads and everything but than at the very end it was error try downloading again (i been trying to do this for 2 weeks now and it still says the same thing and am not sure what to do any more can you please help me thanks
Thank you
Use a different web browser, I downloaded firefox and was able to download itunes with no trouble via that browser
Thank you
IT Seems I cannot down load and install music and moves from my PC even though I have the access of broadband. How can you help
Thank you
Go to
and download the tool and remove all your Itunes apps includin Bonjour and Quicktime.

Then reinstall the itunes 8.2
nothing is working for me I have an ipod nano and nothing is working I tried about everything and im getting really pissed off can someone help me????
Thank you
i have the same problem as well I will tell you if I find out
Sami can only see up to step 4. Would you send it to me?
Thank you.
Hello Lil :)

If you're referring to step 4 when it says "Install the latest version of iTunes", then that is the last step, I didn't miss any out.

Sorry for the confusion.

Sami :).
Sami can only see up to step 4. Would you send it to me?
Thank you.
itunesdisaster > Sami - Mar 11, 2010 at 05:54 PM
I only see 4 steps here. How do I skip to step 9? There are only steps 1 - 4!
Everybody scroll down and look at my solution about firefox. It makes no sense of how it works but it actually does work :D.
Thank you
my itunes does not open it says downloading then run applictation and then it says that itunes was not download properly
what to do?
Thank you
man ive been trying forever to fix it but its not working glad im not the only one with this problem.I thought it was my computer.when I go to the apple website to try to download wont let only lets me choose it for windows 2000.and when I download that it give me itunes 7.3.i just bought a new ipod and version 7.3 wont work for please someone find an answer because this sucks!
lovesthoselabs > robin - Dec 31, 2008 at 01:21 PM
I have been trying for days to install itunes. Apple won't help me because my ipod is out of warranty, even though I explained I am not having a problem with my iPod, but the SOFTWARE. I have deleted all apple files, emptied the recycle bin, uninstalled mcafee, updated windows, downloaded itunes again and it still has not installed. The error I am getting now is insufficient, I reloaded mcafee and haven't a clue what to try next. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks,
According to the experts, go into explorer, delete your cookies, your history, and your temp. files. It'll load after you do that. I promise.
Tried that. Didnt work
Thank you
Go to apple's website. Click on the download tab. Choose to download just the Quicktime application. Follow that through to installation. Next go back to the apple site and click on download tab again, download itunes 8. ONce this is done make sure to run the download so it installs. After all is said and done itunes should open up for you. I think that apple mistakingly forgot to couple the quicktime application with the new version of apple's itunes when they put the new service update out. I hope that it works for you.

Please help. Yesterday I was finally able to download 8.2. It took days. I don't even know how I managed. Today I went to open ITUNES and guess what GONE!!! Now I can't download it again. I am at my complete wits end. It says it downloaded, but it doesn't. Please help!!
ok, so each time I open up itunes, or quicktime(i did what u said) a box pops up saying itunes(or quicktime) has encountered a problem and needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvenience. ive downloaded. uninstalled, reinstalled, and nothing works. please help! I JUST GOT A NANO FOR xmas, and I want music on it! please help, someone! oh, this has happened a million times, so please hurry.
Thank you
that happend to me in a differnt way. you should get a newer vierson of itunes that mite help.(googles always ur friend)
Evil Wolf Girl - May 1, 2010 at 01:59 AM
Thank you
Try dowlaoding quicktime first. Mayne that would help! =)
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