Switch command help

JS - Nov 10, 2008 at 05:50 PM
 Abowit - Mar 23, 2010 at 07:04 AM
I was wondering if I can get some help for a cisco catalyst 2950

how do I enable to I can write or make changes and then how can I save (),
how do I load my changes (),
how do I reboot (),
How do I do a IP domain lookup (),
and lastly how can I see other devices connected to the switch.


2 responses

You have to be in Enable mode first.
Now write what you need to write
do Show? for list of commands
Some commands may not be available
conf t = configure terminal
sh ru = show running config
to save changes do
MyRouter#wr mem
wr mem = write memory
you can spell it out and may need to if abbreviations are not enable or installed
boot to restart and changes are effective.
Ok lets start with seeing whats configured.
When you 1st get into the switch.
>enable <You may be prompted for pword>
# show run <Shows the config currently running)

From here you can use the output from show run to make new changes.
But 1st: To make changes you want to be in global configuration mode:
#Configure Terminal

Once in this mode you can enter commands seen in show run output to have various effects. Now this isnt very easy to just "wing it" but not impossible.

To exit, type exit

Now the questions directly answered:
1) To make changes you need to be in global config mode (see above) to save, make sure you exit back into priv exec ( > symbol before text) and type wr, or copy run star (Wr will be removed in later IOS revisions).

2) Changes are applied dynamically, if you are asking how to load a saved config. either reload or copy start run

3) reboot command = reload

4) IP domain lookup (if disabled) can be re-enabled, in global config by typing "ip domain-lookup"

5) Other devices connected I would have to guess you are refering to CDP. If so "Show CDP neighbours" will do the job.