Window XP - Starting up problem.

pvanvu - Nov 11, 2008 at 05:38 AM
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I just tried to carry out a system restore on my desktop and when I came to power the machine back on I was confronted with the message "windows failed to start" and it repeated many times before the computer load up properly. The computer system came up with the message
"A recent hardware or software change might be the cause".

I have tried starting in safe mode and starting with last known good configuration but have had no look.

I'm using the Window XP not Vista

Any ideas about what I should do?


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Nov 11, 2008 at 05:41 PM
Try the following, C if it helps U............Good Luck!!!!!!!!

Mode with Networking

Sometimes, the computer will not start up because a system file has somehow become corrupted on our computer. During "Safe Mode", we may get an error message that some file (say, win.dll) is unreadable and the computer cannot complete the start up without it. When we are in "Safe Mode", there is no way to get a file over the network so that we can repair our computer since we have only the basic files and drivers up and running at that point. So we can use this second mode where we can quickly find a file on the Microsoft webpage or through the network we can find it at a friend's computer and quickly transfer it to our sick computer for relief! So this mode is used mainly when we want to transfer files, re-install drivers or other applications that are displayed as missing or corrupt when we use the "Safe Mode".

The Recovery console is an application created by Microsoft that may be installed ahead of time on some computers. The function of this application is to help us when our computer runs into trouble. If we forget to install this ahead of time, we can also access it via a network if we run the "Safe Mode with Networking" option.

Recovery Console specifications and set of commands can be viewed at:

Notes: Computers seem to run forever, but only when it crashes do we think of how many things we could've backed up and how many restore points we could've saved! Periodically, do the following when our computers are in top running condition:

a. Make backups regularly
b. Schedule daily restore point creation.
c. Make a boot disk (see for instructions for XP)
d. Make copies of your favorite files and software
e. Create DVDs of your favorite photos and videos.
f. Save important financial/tax information on CDs etc.
g. Store copies of your favorite music on CDs or export them into other media.
h. Install Recovery console so that it may be used when computer crashes!
i. Make sure that your computer has updated anti-virus software and spyware. This will detect any attempts to install viruses that could destroy our entire system in one second!
j. Make sure that you place the computer in a well ventilated room to avoid overheating