Windows XP Wants to format all mass storage d

ninpomania - Nov 11, 2008 at 05:34 AM
 Ninpomania - Nov 13, 2008 at 05:15 PM
This is the LONG story,

I have windows XP and Windows Vista running as a dual boot, I have recently had to replace my mainboard as the first one failed this I thought NP, if I have to I will repair the windows installations to get em going again,
Well Vista took to the mainboard no worries XP on the other hand gave me a heap of grief during the repair install but in the end I copied the CD contents to a folder on the hdd and repaired from there and all went well, now windows XP functions properly except for one issue, any mass storage device that i insert it wants to format, wether it be a EXT HDD or mem stick or photocard even the camera as the device,

I have checked all these devices with the vista install and all works well, have checked them on another XP machine and all is well but on my XP intstall "Windows Needs to Format this device"

This is driving me nuts does anyone have a possible reason for this

I have run

Combo Fix
Norton Systemworks

and updated all the USB host drivers to the intel written drivers from the Mobo cd,

Every other part of windows is fine just this stupid format request on MSD

I hope that someone out there has an idea to what I can do as I am done thinking of it and have no clue where to go except a full fresh install of windows which is not a real option at this stage

thanks guys for your time

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Just a thought - If you had formatted with XP, I think Vista would have recognised everything (backward compatible). Once they've been formatted by Vista, though, you're asking XP to be "future-compatible" with Vista formats. I don't know the details of what the differences are, but it's always a risk. Like trying to open a .docx file with Word97...

If possible, I suggest re-formatting everything with XP (well, just 1 small thing first, then check it with Vista. If that works, continue).

Good luck.
Hi thanks for the thought but, all the cards worked fine before I installed the mainboard,

what's happening is on all other machines and os's these cards and mem sticks will open (I have not tried ME but hey why would I lol)
and these cards ALL open on all other systems including XP,
just the issue of the PC that has had the new mainboard go in all the USB devices work like WEB cam and Mouse, but XP just wants to format everything that has storage available mine dont want to format :( mine want to just use the mem cards

thanks for your reply