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We are living in a world where everyone has to be careful, especially about personal information. Window Washer is a device that has the capability to protect passwords and private data.

Note: The version linked to this page is one of the latest versions to exist. Windows Washer is now merged with Spy Sweeper, and the new product is called Internet Security Complete.

What is Window Washer?

Window Washer is an application designed to help you automatically clean your computer of sensitive information that may remain after you use it.

What are the key features of Window Washer?

  • Browser history remover: private information about yourself may be displayed on the Web History if you do not take the time to erase them. Thanks to this application, you can clean Internet history, cache, address bar, cookies, IP address, visited websites, and URLs.
  • Computer application remover: apart from that, Window Washer also works on the computer itself. In fact, you are also enabled to erase hard drives, unneeded files and folders, and some applications that are no longer necessary. This process enables to improve computer performance.
  • Customizable schedule: this application is customizable. In fact, users are allowed to set a specific time to launch the cleaning of the computer and Internet history. It can be processed on the starting up of the computer or on an hour you have to take a break.
  • Updating: Window Washer automatically notifies you when updates to the program are available. If not, you can also select the "Automatically check for ..." option from the Program Settings panel. For all updates, you have to be sure that your computer is connected to the Internet.
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Is Window Washer free?

You can download this software for free. You can also buy Internet Security Complete from the publisher's website for $79.99.

Is Window Washer safe?

Window Washer is considered safe to use.

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