NMI: Parity Check Error after Shutdown

Panantukan - Nov 16, 2008 at 02:20 AM
 shabbir - Apr 13, 2010 at 08:14 AM

When I shutdown my computer after windows has completely shutdown I get the blue screen of death and it says NMI: Parity Check. The screen stays there forever and the computer will only shut down if I hold the power button. This problem started after I moved to another city, 8 hour drive, and happens every single time when I shut down the computer. There are no problems when the computer is on normally. Anyone have any idea what this is or how to fix it?
My machine is a Dell, over 7 years old, and running XP Pro.


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It seems to HDD problem.. If it is related to HDD problem then you can try with following option.

I hav seen this problem with dell machine b4 but that time the problem was motherboard but u can try this soultions

Restart ur machine >> put Win xp bootable Cd in CD Rom drive >> machine will boot from CD >> after loading of all file it will go to set up mode >> press ' R' for repair option b4 going to this mode you should know administrator password if u will hav set that >>u will get follwing prompt


now type following cmd
c:\WINDOWS>chkdsk /f

after completing 100 %

then type

c:\WINDOWS>chkdsk /p

after completing 100 %

then type

c:\WINDOWS>chkdsk /r

after completing 100 %

now restart ur computer

and boot from HDD.


Hi PK,

Thank you for responding to me. I tried what you said to do. However, windows did not recognize the /p command. It did recognize the /r and the /f commands. Chkdsk ran and it said it found some errors. When I shut down the computer again I had the same problem as before. Any other suggestions on how to fix this?

helllo dear

i am with u .. i have same problem in my pc .. i have compaq board 82801bd / when i press da power botton then just show me on display .. parity chek .. nothing more optione all screen is black . so what can i do . plzz help me about this problem . to solve .. and i sulution is the system bios is re installed in hardware center ok bye take care ..