Dell D620 -595B password issue [Solved/Closed]

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I have spent the last 2 days trying to recover a password-ed laptop system and have so far managed to reset my bios by tearing down my system and pulling the CMOS battery, but unfortunately that only reset my configuration and did nothing for the password removal. After doing this I stumbled on the forums here and saw that others have had luck through some form of service tag generation other members here were able to provide.

the information is:

Service Tag: CHTZTC1

and the hdd serial is: MPCDN7Y4HMXYEL
Hitachi model# HTS721080G9SA00 Rev. A01

the model is a Dell ATG D620

In-case you need the information, it seems to stop at a white screen and tells me I can't go any further, not even into my setup. and it says my tag is #CHTZTC1-595B

Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and patience, even if no-one is able to help.

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Thank you
Sorry I should have mentioned that in my earlier post. I purchased the laptop and several others along with some PC towers at a police auction for stolen and recovered items that have registered off insurance. When I contact dell they say they have a policy in place with the original owners only and that I would have to contact those individuals personally, yet the police will not divulge the insurer or the original claimants so far.

I appreciate your quick response and I will continue to look elsewhere. Thank you for your time.


Thank you, mikey0001 2

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Thank you
try this 1

contact dell, just click this link and you can Chat Online with Technical Support
Thank you
Thanks tons that worked great and just in time, I was about to accept my loss and send it to recycling :)

Your efforts are greatly appreciated. You are an asset to the community.

This learning experience is going to keep me from mass purchasing of used items for a while, but I love the fact that these items can be recovered and not left for landfill. The Toshibas I purchased didn't seem to have that issue but a loss would have been a loss none the less.
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Thank you
Hi there have the same problem on a dell latitude 630 series

Service tag: 358BK3J and it says my tag is #358BK3J-595B.

dell have been no help at all can anybody help me please as I am stuck