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aymen - Nov 19, 2008 at 03:23 PM
 bri - May 30, 2010 at 11:57 AM
i have dell laptop studio 1535 it's OS is vista . I want to change it and install windows xp. can I do that? and what is the steps for that? can I use the drivers install CD giving with the device with win xp

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first you need to jump the laptop back into AHCI compatibility mode from sata, otherwise windows installation will fail.

first I advise you read up on creating a slip stream disk, using nlite, it will mean that if you want to go back from AHCI mode to SATA, you need to find 2 things

1. storage manager drivers from INTEL
2. the correct chipset for this MB

you create the nlite disk which you will incorporate the 2 above into a stage for driver insertion

now, here are the usual steps after all that

1. locate how to boot into bios. boot into bios
2. in the bios, look for AHCI mode and SATA, change the option to AHCI compatibility
3. make sure your xp disk is in the machine
4. start installing

after installation is complete, you are going to need to install a few basic drivers :

1. graphics card driver (go to they have the modified inf graphic card drivers, best available)
2. officialized windows xp disk, so you can auto update through windows update
3. network card drivers, this is quite important
4. start to update your windows installation by using microsoft update through explorer
5. usually the update should find all the remaining drivers after a certain point.

get to that stage, and the rest should be plain sailing, you may bump into problems with the audio drivers, but do a search for those and you should be lucky, sometimes its important to find the model of your card and other components before wiping vista from the machine, so you can track the sp drivers down if they fail.

i would also advise you to check dell website for the XP drivers, sometimes they have them, sometimes not.

good luck

hope this helps
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Hi. I'm Mike

I have a Laptop stud 1535 too. At the first time, I install a normal winXP installation CD, but an error occurs the same you describe. My friend asked me to go CD store to buy winXP install CD for any Laptop. so, I have installed successful on my laptop 1535.

good luck.
is there a site that the drivers can be copied onto a disc then installed? I did not get an option for this. the omputer I need the drivers on currently will not access the internet because of no drivers. Thanks
this can be done.Please follow the steps below:
1.Take back up of ur whole disk.
2.insert a XP installation CD and boot from CD.
3.When u reach the option for the disk partition then format the whole disk and create new partition as per ur requirement.
4.Start installation of XP.
5.When installation is over eject the CD and restart the system.
6.when the system boot again n u get the desk top,then u can restore the data that u have backedup.
7.Install all drivers for,i can u do not have any driver go to the dell website enter ur laptop or desktop model no. and download the drivers that u need.

Finally enjoy XP.

have a great time :)
forget it get Windows 7 instead bud - I already tried it and lot easier

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I am not getting this option

"When u reach the option for the disk partition then format the whole disk and create new partition as per ur r
equirement. " before that I am getting an error message telling related to memory problem

can anybody replay??