Can not find script file "C\WINDOWS\sowar.vbs

 bharathanbu -
every time I turn on my laptop, that appears on the screen...
How could I resolve this?? HELP!!
i'm using Vista premium. thanks
i'm hoping for a kind response.

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The easiest but incorrect way to fix your problem is make a file in the dir "C\WINDOWS" called "sowar.vbs". do not put anything in the file just create a file.

The correct way is to start a search in the reg (put "regedit" in the run window" and find the sowar.vbs. and remove any entries found
Thank you

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cannot find find script file"c windows\sowar.vbs"
Can not find script file "C\WINDOWS\sowar.vbs
Can not find script file "C\WINDOWS\sowar.vbs

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