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 Amrjeet Anand -
how I can download driver to install sm bus controller in hp dv4 series 1318tu.i have downgraded vista to xp sp3 using nlite . I have'nt made backup of swsetup of vista.
plz help.

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1) double click on that base system then its properties window will be opened.
2)select details tab and then select hardware ids from the drop down menu in property section
3) note ven(vender and dev(device) ids (note: the number after _ is the ven&dev ids ex: ven_100 && dev_200 here ven id is 100 and dev id is 200)
4)then go to website, enter the vendor id ( ex :100) and click on search
5)vendor name will be displayed then click on the vendor name
6) then use the device ID to find the respective device from the list (ex:dev-200)
7) thats it there u can get all the details

using that information try to download drivers and install it
Thank you

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how can I download sm bus controller for free . I failed to dowload from plz post another address.i will be thankful.

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