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awhile back, my hard drive went haywire, and deleted everything on it, so we got the computer fixed and it was like getting a new computer because everything had been erased. So now, I have Sims 2, and want to install it, but my disk drive won't read disk 1 for the installation process to begin. It used to work just fine, and my disk drive will read any disk EXCEPT for the Sims 2: Disk 1, and I have tried the disk on other computers and it worked just fine, so there is no error with the disk. I have restarted the computer with the disk in the drive but it will will not work! Any suggestions or anything else I can do!?!?!
Thanks a ton,

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Dear Sir,

Please confirm whether the game is compatible to your system first. Otherwise, please get through the below Kioskea FAQ article for having more information about the matter and its solution.

Thank you.